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The problem of storage in devices is something that happens to many people, millions of files of any type are saved daily that little by little are consuming space. There are many online applications that help us with this accumulation and among them we find 4Shared, an online service whose objective is to save in your own accommodation all the documents according to the capacity you have, combining its desktop and mobile version for better operation

In this way, we can access them easily and quickly, regardless of where we are managing it and what we want to download, offering its users a very interesting storage and transfer capacity. You will find the 4Shared app to download for free and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

It is a website whose function is mainly storage, but you also find that one of the advantages of 4Shared is that you can download and share any type of files, including videos, audios, games, software, etc., regardless of the format and always guarantees the effectiveness of the online space you have.

In the free 4Shared application you will have several functionalities that you have to know to get the most out of it. One of them is that you can create fixed folders where you can save all your multimedia documents with more capacity, this allows you to have a safe copy. It has the possibility of uploading data with a maximum of 200 MB, with a capacity of 15 GB, so you do not worry about what your files weigh or the number of them you have.

You will have full control of the people who have access to your space, which gives users extra security because their documents are protected from third parties who have not been given an invitation to enter

When you start to use 4Shared it is very important to know that if you do not use the account for more than 30 days, it can be closed, so you have to keep a constant monitoring and use so as not to lose everything you have saved in it.

To get an account you will only have to install it on your mobile device and log in. At this point you can do it through your profiles on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or with an email, whatever you choose, there you will get all the notifications from your profile. The platform will send a message to confirm the registration and we will already have access to our own storage space.

Once inside, we can start adding all the files we want to our space, deciding if we want these to be shared or not. All its versions have a similar interface, although it may vary a bit depending on one device or another, they all have in common that it is very simple and intuitive and you will always find the main options. Each one will have a different permission and each time we go to upload a new document it will ask us.

To save a file you will only have to click on Upload and a menu will be displayed where we will have to choose between Upload files, folder or FTP, this last option will not appear in the free version of the app, allowing us to upload individual documents or directly a complete folder. When we have already chosen it, a window will appear in which we will have to choose the route to where we want it to be. In the event that you decide to upload several documents at the same time in a folder, it is the same process, in this case we can continue adding within it in the future. When you return to the main page, you will find everything you just added.

If what you want is to create new filing cabinets within the application and manage your storage for this computer, you can also do it. You just have to click on the New folder option, it will automatically be created with a field at the top so that you can choose the name you want to give it, once you have done this, you can move it and use it at will.

With the topic of sharing folders and files, the user is free to decide whether or not they want to do it and to what level the other person can have access to our space. You will achieve it with the simple fact of selecting one and choosing the option to share, that fast.

With this application, we have access to everything that we have stored in our 4Shared account, at any time and place, and with its synchronization with the desktop version, you guarantee not to lose anything.

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- It's very fast.

- You control who has access.

- Offers more than enough space.

- Synchronization in its different versions.
- It does not download the files directly from the platform.

- It has advertising.

- They delete the account if it is not used in 30 days.

- Cannot be used offline.
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