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Weather forecasting has been able to adapt to changes and thanks to this it has undergone an evolution with technological advances. Today we can know what time we are going to have in several days from our mobile phone very easily, this was previously impossible to think about. There are many applications that offer us this information, but none as accurate as AccuWeather, one of the best you can find.

This application helps you check it on the same day or later, but unlike the others, the great advantage of AccuWeather is that it offers you other tools that will be very useful and easy to use. Download the free application for Android and iOS and start discovering its benefits.

This app allows you to know exactly the prediction up to 15 days in advance, updating automatically with each change that occurs. This makes it essential to plan your schedule, always taking into account the weather that you are going to have for that date. But we will not only know the temperature and whether it rains or not, AccuWeather shows you an infinite number of options such as the UVA rays in real time that there are, at what time the sunrise and sunset occurs, in case you want to organize yourself and see this moment , the degree of cloudiness and dew in the environment, the risk of ice, something very useful if you have to take the car and a very curious tool on rainy days, in which it will give you exact data of the amount that it is expected to fall and during what hours it will occur.

The operation of the AccuWeather application is very simple, the first time you enter a notice will appear to let you know your location, in this way you can adapt to each of your movements without having to change it manually . It is advisable to accept, once we have done so, the screen that appears shows us a general summary of the time of day and a future forecast. If you want to know specific information, you just have to click on More details.

It has a menu at the top where we can see the forecast by hours, in which by specifying a range of hours we will see the changes it has at all times. With this app you will also have information on the amount of dust in the air, for allergy sufferers it is very useful, informing about the days when there are more and less chances of suffering a reaction.

In its latest update it has been completely renewed, with a new interface that is in beta version for some users, and a very important novelty, the integration of Wear OS. With it, its users will be able to see the time on their smart watches that have Google's operating system, a revolutionary point with which you will be able to know the time that it will do without using your mobile device. This is very useful for those who do sports outdoors, although it is in a very initial version, work is already being done to improve it.

For those users who live in areas of hurricanes or tropical storms, AccuWeather has added the new Radar tool, with it you can follow the route that this atmospheric phenomenon has and the changes that are taking place in its path, you will also find the data of the wind speed, the amount of rain it brings and other data that will be very important for you to know the risk that people have and make the decision to evacuate certain areas.

Among its sections we will find a News Feed, in which you will find news about the events that are taking place around the world, with videos of natural phenomena. These are renewed in real time, so you will always be informed. You can filter the news to find out those that occur closer to your area.

With this app you will always be informed so that you are prepared for any climate change, its ease of use and its wide variety of resources make it the best you will find in online stores. Download this free application and you will be safe and well prepared for changes.

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- The data is accurate.

- Information on natural phenomena is very useful in certain areas.

- It offers other very interesting additional information.

- You know the forecast hour by hour.
- The news is worldwide.

- Depending on the location, functionalities may be missing.

- You do not set the location of the phone correctly.

- It does not update well.
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