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The world of the Google Android virtual store is very wide. The platform allows us to know a great world of the best applications and games. Both leading brand and independent developers have the opportunity to present their best and most elaborate proposals to be installed on our mobile devices. But there are also alternatives to make good products like the one we are going to analyze in our review today. We mean Appvn from Promospure.

In order to use Appvn and understand what the proposal is about, we first want to explain what an APK file is, more precisely an Android Application Package. With this terminology we refer to a set of data or information that is exclusive to work in terminals that have programs that run that software.
Now, by downloading Appvn we will have access to a large number of sites that provide us with programs, tools, games and apk applications. Therefore we can get a good amount of products for free or without charge for our Android devices.

Not only will we have the opportunity to download games with Appvn but we will also be allowed to register and upload programs of our own that we have created with those characteristics.
Among the advantages of Appvn you will find that it is the best place to download those apps that are not so easily found in the PlayStore. So you will have the opportunity to discover exciting and original games or the most useful tools.
The product developed by Promospure is powerful, agile and fast. You will find yourself very quickly with a great apk manager with which you can organize your library in the best, most efficient and organized way.

Appvn is so easy to use that with just one click you will play the best games. Not only that but they will always stay up to date as long as you have the tool on your device.
In addition, not only will you be able to get the tools, games or apps on your mobile, but the tool can connect with social networks such as Facebook or YouTube, they just have to be able to open programs with these characteristics.

The app that had its origins in Vietnam is interesting because it can be used on both Android and iOS. It is also very easy to use and does not present problems when it comes to understanding how Appvn works. Not only does it have apps in its catalog but it also has other elements such as ebooks, images for wallpaper or themes to change the look of your device.
If you are thinking that this is another of those programs that require a long and tedious registration, then forget about it because it is not necessary to register in any way to enjoy this interesting and alternative virtual market.
If you have doubts about which apk to download, which is the best or the most popular, it will not be a problem since Appvn has a very good system of recommendations according to your tastes, habits and previously made downloads.

Perhaps if we have to tell you a negative aspect, it is that the app that you will install is not as light as other alternatives to this store can. But it is compensated with good features such as the facilities to share the programs you download.
Faced with many criticisms that these types of products have received for their security, Appvn is one of the best positioned in this regard and is recognized by users and specialized sites.

This time we are faced with a powerful alternative that for the most curious and those who want to know new programs from independent developers, it becomes a great option. Appvn cannot compete with official stores but it does rank among the best of its kind as an alternative market for a large number of products that can improve your experience on your mobile or tablet every day.
Although as we mentioned it is a little heavier in size than other similar ones, the Promospure app is reliable and offers many positive aspects that differentiate it from the rest.
With a friendly interface, a wide catalog, great speed, the possibility of sharing, without the need for registration and the option of uploading our own productions if we do them, Appvn justifies and defends its popularity.

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Category : Apps
Desarrollador : Promospure
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- Free download

- No registration required

- Extensive catalog

- Good interface
- It is a bit large in size

- The security of this type of proposal is under debate

- If you have iOS the process to use it is complex

- It may present failures to start using it
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Get last review 28.09.2020

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