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Updated 14.08.2020

Babel is a very good tool for foreign languages. Learn languages from your mobile quickly and easily, with lessons structured so that it only takes about 15 minutes a day to master the language. There is class for all levels, from beginners to vocabulary development

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Babbel, "Made in Berlin", was launched in 2008 by electronic engineer Markus Witte, developer and consultant Thomas Holl and Lorenz Heine, who together with a small group of six collaborators have developed this platform that allows learning 14 different languages, from English to Indonesian.

It is a platform to study languages, both from its website and from its mobile application, available for IOS and Android.

We can learn a total of 3 different languages ​​and we have a wide variety to choose from, with many facilities because we can use it at any time, the lessons are well structured to be very short, so that with only 10 or 15 minutes a day we can spend a lesson.

There are many lessons, courses, modalities and the truth is that little by little we can learn different sections, different elements that we can incorporate into our knowledge.

It is very comfortable, very simple and very fast: you use it from your mobile, you open any application you are learning in the application and you simply go from lesson to lesson. You can download all the lessons so as not to depend on a connection, you just go and download it when you are in the topic.

It is also true that you need to speak, many of the lessons require you to speak to practice and really learn what is most important, pronunciation. We will also have to listen, something that we must take into account to use this application well.

There are many lessons structured according to what you are looking for, you can find it by level of difficulty, for beginner, specific vocabulary, work trip, trip, common expressions, etc. All this in a very simple way.

When you enter Babbel, the first thing we are asked to do is select the language we want to learn. We can choose between 14 languages ​​and then the fun begins!

The available languages ​​are: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Danish and the last to arrive, Russian.
Once you have chosen the language with Babbel you can study from PC, Tablets and Smartphones, and recently also in Watches! To date, there are around 20 million downloads registered in various stores around the world.

For each language there are several levels, so those who are starting from scratch can do it, and those who simply want to deepen their knowledge of a language can also.

The lessons are very short, last a few minutes and include a brief vocabulary check, vocal recognition for pronunciation exercises and much more. Babbel constantly monitors user learning and adjusts the route accordingly. In doing so, the review lessons are automatically personalized with extreme efficiency. Babbel offers a valid vocabulary and an automatic review function customized to the user's path, a definitely valid and functional function to fix in memory what has been learned.


Motivations and reasons to learn a different language and download Babbel for free

There are many advantages if you know the local language when you travel, but the biggest difference that you will probably discover is that you will actually feel comfortable in new environments and will be able to make yourself understood without the need for any application that translates you. You will be able to orient yourself with the help of the best guide that exists: Human interaction!

People really appreciate when you try to speak their language. Are you English and you are learning Turkish in a week? Wow! Have a tea and be welcome to my house!

While learning languages ​​you also discover something new about yourself. Speaking another language can free you from all the inhibitions that hold you back when you speak your native language. Many times personalities change from one language to the other. For example if you are in Venice, the accent, and if you are in Naples, the gestures. When you speak Italian it seems that you are more emotional and speaking German more direct. Acquiring new languages ​​is always an introspective journey of discovery.

It helps us to better understand the world around us. The languages ​​we speak form our perception of the world. As I already mentioned, a new language offers us new perspectives but also provides us with a better understanding of our mother tongue and how it works. We have more possibilities to process information and open our minds to new challenges.

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Category : Apps
Desarrollador : Babbel
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-You can customize it for your own needs

-A class lasts about 15 minutes.

-The app emphasizes pronunciation and sounds.

-Help to uninhibit yourself by speaking another language
-It's not free.

-Suitable for beginners only.

-Languages such as Arabic, Korean, Mandarin and Japanese are missing.

-There are some repetitive exercises.

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