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Booking was founded in Amsterdam in 1996 and has grown from a small Dutch company to one of the world's largest e-commerce travel and tourism companies, standing out for the ease and speed of booking., whose mission is to make the world available to everyone, is committed to digital technology to facilitate travel. The website and apps are available in more than 40 languages ​​and offer 28,348,745 accommodation options in total, in 147,566 destinations in 227 countries and territories around the world.

You can download the free application and it is just a click away from your reservation from your mobile device, tablet or computer, it is very simple, stable and fast.

Downloading Booking turns out to be a very useful tool because it teaches you the comments of other users, as well as the score and prices. So when you are looking for accommodation, a restaurant, flight or car, you will be able to see what others thought, what they have given you, their comments and choose with more information. The reservation application is free and available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. You can use it through your Desktop by visiting the website.

If you want to go to the website or from its application, its functionality is the same. Perhaps there are differences only in the way the information is represented on your screen.

So the main thing is the search tool where you can put your destination, so let's say you only know where you will go, such as the name of the city. Then, you will choose the arrival and departure dates. Be very careful and have a proper plan for this action. The next step is to announce how many people are with you in case you are not alone. The nice thing about this here is that if you don't have an account, you can still use the service. You can filter the results and choose the one that suits you best.

Reservations in the Booking application work with quite different clients, so you have a wide variety of opportunities. Its catalog includes many places to stay and sleep, from luxury hotels to some suitable hostels for those trying to travel and reduce their sleeping expenses.

Because the application is safe and reliable, you should leave your questions about the payment methods. In the condition of the place where you want to make the reservation, the places will charge your bank card the day you arrive. They will try to keep the information safe, so it basically doesn't show up anywhere. Sometimes you will provide your card information only for certain requirements, but you can pay cash on-site when possible. They will also send you additional information about your reservation in their email addresses and make sure to double check everything.

For those who have a few problems or have changed their plans, they can always correct their reservation before it is too late. Normally, try to avoid changes in the last hour; This is a rule that, by the way, can be applied to all Internet services. Once you have completed the process to complete the reservation. You will also be provided with the confirmation screen of your phone. This will include all the information like location, room, price paid by the state and if you have any coupon or discount you will see what has been set up.

Each place that Booking offers you will have an image so that you can see what you actually see, not just to read, this is a good practice and if you want to provide your service, you can do so at any time. When you get out, you can do a review and explain the good impressions you have to others. If you're going to complain about the wrong attitude, booking will give you the place for that.

Booking will always help you plan your next steps no matter if you are on vacation or if you have to do something. Get this useful app for free and trust them. Booking will always help you choose a good place to visit and will be your compass around the world just in your pocket.

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Booking App

Get last review 01.07.2022
- Utility and usability because booking through this application is super simple and fast

- User friendly since they specify absolutely everything as well as the rules and suggestions clearly and at a glance.

- No management fees as there is the option of free cancellation. It doesn't take a penny from you for using their page.

- Accumulation of miles, book a hotel and also accumulate miles for future contracts with booking and thus obtain discounts
- Maybe managing a search with a large number of results takes a few seconds

- Without financing, while local agencies allow us to make installments, with or without interest, Booking is all one, either in the hotel or when booking.

- You can only solve problems from the phone, which is not so easy

- Be very careful with the type of contract with which you agree

- It is difficult to delete your account

- There are cases in which you cannot change your debit card information

Latest NEWS

Booking bets on sustainable tourism in 2020

Booking bets on sustainable tourism in 2020


The tourism giant in the virtual world bets on caring for the environment in 2020. Booking through its annual Booking Booster program aims to find sustainable travel solutions. The aid funds that the company distributes for the chosen projects are 2.6 million euros. It will also organize events to advise participants

The protectable trademark

The protectable trademark


June 30th 2020 is the date when the United States Supreme Court came up with a decision that “” is a protectable trademark by rejecting the rule a term with added “.com” cannot be a trademark. It all began a decade ago when registration of the trademark was rejected from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) because it was said to be generic mark. The process had been long and difficult for all parts involved. There were lots of different opinions but confirmed evidence showed the Court that customers think of “” as a brand. After this finding it was clear that people do not think if it as a generic mark, USPTO as well as the Court agreed with it, so there was no obstacle to be accepted for federal trademark protection Holdings stock lost Holdings stock lost


This year travel industry fall a victim to coronavirus pandemic logically the Booking stock gone down on charts. However a research shows that it stayed relatively steady during the crisis, shares fell with only 22%. Except COVID-19 travel agencies and especially are facing more difficulties – e.g. competition with Google, the rising of new companies like Airbnb and so on. All of these have stimulated growth in the sector. Booking has been sensitive to coronavirus spread from the beginning as it is connected directly with travelling business. In May was published a report showing revenue with 19% decrease and profits noticeably lower. Fortunately till the end of May the stock started to increase as reopening of Europe and U.S. markets became a fact. Travel spending is still low, but the business is expecting growth

What does Booking plan for the revival?

What does Booking plan for the revival?


The Booking company knows that the sector in which it works was deeply affected by the covid-19 pandemic. The rental platform proposes different measures to alleviate the situation. Among them, the TUI Group company was associated to expand the offer of services, it will have in its catalog more than 70,000 tours

Booking seeks to reactivate reservations in Spain

Booking seeks to reactivate reservations in Spain


Given the impact of the crisis caused by the coronavirus in the tourism sector, Booking offers a package of measures that aim to support the industry in Spain. Activity is one of the economic engines of the European country. Between the measures a 15% discount is offered and the app will not charge the commission for reservations won its fight for a trademark won its fight for a trademark

Headline finally managed to win its fight for a trademark after being rejected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office because “booking” was too broad and general of a term. However, eight of nine justices decided that the online travel agency was worthy of being officially trademarked as the public recognizes the services it provides

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