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Among the different sectors of daily life that were greatly affected by technological advances, we find the world and the area of ​​finance. Banking procedures such as withdrawing money, making payments, issuing transfers or requesting a credit card were always very cumbersome and consumed a good part of our day. Luckily that doesn't happen anymore since there are options such as C6 Bank, one of the first virtual entities developed in Brazil in 2018 that has a comfortable, powerful and agile free app.

The C6 Bank owes its name to the chemical material of carbon that, in the periodic table, is represented by the letter C and the number 6. According to what is said on the bank's official website, the decision to choose this chemical material is because it is present in all living beings and the way it is related to other elements is very important. This ability to transform and connect is what gave the founders the inspiration to name their project this way.
Downloading the C6 Bank app will give us endless possibilities and benefits. The bank, which has its own founders as members of the society that supports it, is entirely online. That is, you do not have to go to any long line to any headquarters or fill out any eternal form to get something.

By using the free C6 Bank app available for Android and iOS, members will have access to the common services of financial institutions digitally and totally free of charge. This includes issuing credit and debit cards, owning an account, withdrawals, and the option to make transfers. You can even make a free toll pass called C6 Taggy.

Among the advantages of C6 Bank is the possibility of fully customizing our cards. We can put the name as we like best and even choose from a wide range of colors. The cards also have the option of "contactless" payment. If you are the person who will have a lot of expenses, you have the possibility of choosing the G6 Carbon card, which is the "black" variant of your card. With this, more profit points are obtained for each dollar spent and four annual tickets are available to the person at no charge to VIP lounges at different airports. If the user is the owner of a business or company, the special card for "business" is available. You can also get the dataphone to make collections with significant discounts and plans accordingly.
Regarding the accounts that can be opened, they are totally free and allow transfers in dollars at very low commissions. In addition, each expense and movement that we make gives us points that are added to the Atoms Program, but the best thing about this benefit is that those points never expire. So forget about saving for anything and you will see how, after a while, you will have access to important prizes and benefits.
To make your financial life even easier, C6 Bank gives you the opportunity to get C6 Taggy. The option allows you to pay a sticker on your vehicle that works like a toll. You do not have to make any monthly or annual subscription, and it will only debit your automatic account each time you use a toll on any of the routes or highways in Brazil.

At a time where shopping in virtual ways does not stop growing, installing C6 Bank and taking advantage of all its benefits is a great option. The entity, through its app, allows you to make purchases very easily and access significant discounts on the best brands.
If you intend to invest, you can also do it from the comfortable platform. There are different alternatives with fixed terms of up to 5 years with returns that will give you significant profits.

C6 Bank is one of the modern proposals to manage your income and expenses more reliable, agile and interesting in the market. Its free application allows effective management of day-to-day economic activities. It also features a novel points program, many benefits, and free services.
The advancement of technology and communication tools show once again that they came to facilitate a good part of the daily life of users.

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C6 Bank

Get last review 21.09.2021
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- Free and online management.

- Many benefits.

- Credit and debit cards with the possibility of personalization

- Investment plans
- Some delays in responses

- General malfunctions

- Could provide more and better information

- Cards may take time to reach users

Latest NEWS

C6 Bank continues to grow and creates 70 new jobs

C6 Bank continues to grow and creates 70 new jobs


C6 Bank expands its team by taking out 70 new jobs, growing the company. The online banking entity is becoming one of the most demanded options by Brazilians. It is not the first time that this has happened in 2020, the year in which they have hired 240 people, these job opportunities are for different areas of the company

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