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Many stores have started to be present on their customers' mobile devices, this trend is due to the fact that they know that if you do not have an online store, you lose interest for people who do not know them yet. That is why many already have their own applications, allowing users to access their purchases in just one click. Among these large supermarkets we find Carrefour, which already has millions of downloads.

Download Carrefour free, you find it available in the main virtual stores, Google Play Store and App Store, and on the official website, being compatible with Android and iOS devices.

In the Carrefour application you will find everything you need, a personal space where each of your customers can make their purchases in a personalized way. With a very clear interface, focused on helping you make your purchases without any problem. To start enjoying all its advantages, you will only have to install it on your mobile device and enter with an email.

The first time you open it, it will show you in an online tour all its functionalities, in a very visual way you can get an idea of ​​how you have to use it. In its menu you will find several sections that will help you make your purchases, such as Shops. With your geolocation it will show you the physical stores that are closest to you, searching on a map through their list. Create your own list of favorite establishments, in this way your own offers will automatically appear each time you enter the app. You will also have the possibility to see all their catalogs, where you will find all their offers and promotional codes.

To make purchases online you only have to access Buy and in a very easy process, indicating which is your supermarket that you want and it will redirect you to it. Another option you have is to buy trips, with exclusive prices that you can finance with Carrefour's own service.

With the Carrefour application you can make your own shopping lists, in this way it will be more convenient for you to get to the products that you normally buy. You can create several different ones in which to categorize the products and all of them can be renamed in order to have them better located.

One of its characteristics is that it turns this space into something personal for each of its users, being able to configure it in a thousand different ways, always adapting to the personal preferences of each one. You can customize its main screen or change its site icons, all a bet for ease of use.

Download Carrefour, in order to access all your savings checks, raffles or coupons, you will have to create an account in which to enter the brand's loyalty card. In addition, you have other advantages that you will not be able to have if you do not have your own profile.

With your account you will have your own ticket history. Although you can also use it without registering, something very useful for occasional purchases, but without having the benefits that your own account gives you, or being able to access other areas, such as savings.

One of its latest innovations has been being able to refuel from the car without having to get off. The company has more than 125 service stations, which has led to nine out of ten of its customers already opting for this method for their refueling. To be able to use it, it is as easy as you register your Pass card details in the application, once the service registration is confirmed, you will only have to go to the nearest station and pay for your gas without leaving the car.

It will automatically identify by geolocation which is the gas station closest to you, once you are there choose the pump you want, the product and the amount and you can proceed to refuel.

This has not been the only update they have made, the company wants to incorporate more and more digital services in the normal activities of consumers. This is why you can now ask for a turn in the supermarket queue through the application itself.

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- Create custom lists.

- You have digital tickets.

- You can pay without using a card.

- Discount codes.
- Its geolocator shows you all the establishments.

- It redirects you to the web.

- You cannot access discounts if you do not register.

- The savings check balance does not appear.
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