Cartão Riachuelo
The Midway group card that will allow you to control your financial life
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Having your accounts in order is very important. Knowing when to pay, what balance you have left, how much loans you can ask for, what benefits you have available or what discounts you have in the month are data that is always good to have on hand. Thanks to the advancement and development of the best applications, financial institutions developed excellent, useful and agile management systems to help you with your accounts.
Cartão Riachuelo is one of the credit cards of the Midway group. The company was born in 2008 by the Guarapes Group. As of today, it represents more than 31 million clients. It is one of the firms that issued the most credit cards in the South American giant. He works as a financier for more than 10 of the most important banks in Brazil and, according to his website, his engines are innovation and the trust of his clients.

Among the products they offer are Cartão Riachuelo and Cartão Riachuelo VISA or MasterCard. No matter which one we get, we will have the free app available to download on Android or iOS. The platform will assist us in all financial procedures and benefits around the cardboard issued by the financial group.
Among the different benefits of Cartão Riachuelo is the possibility of accessing insurance, assistance or loans. The assistance that the card offers are for automobiles, motorcycles or residences. All have 24 hour coverage, 7 days a week and are advised by an expert staff. When it comes to loans there are two options. You can choose the option of Easy Retirement or Personal Credit. While the first allows cash withdrawals in emergency cases, the second enables the request for money to achieve more expensive goals but without having to postpone the fulfillment of our objective.

Now, in order to enjoy all the advantages that the Midway group card offers, we have the option of downloading the Cartão Riachuelo app. The digital platform is available for devices with Android and iOS operating systems. Basically, it is an excellent control center for all the operations and activities that we carry out with our card.
If we intend to request any of the financing options offered by Cartão Riachuelo, we can have access to a simulator to find out how much it will cost us, what credit we have and when we have to pay.

It is always very useful to have all the invoices and tickets of the payments that we make to our card, that is why the app also offers the chance to generate a PDF of or send the monthly documents as WhatsApp files.
If we intend to better control our expenses to have a possible future projection, the Cartão Riachuelo digital tool has an advanced graphics system that allows us to make all kinds of balances.
Discounts are one of the strongest points that credit or debit cards usually offer and this is no exception. With Cartão Riachuelo you will have access to a large number of important partners who offer substantial discounts. You can locate each of them on the mobile digital platform or on the website.

You will have access to each of the weekly or monthly promotions when you register for the Cartão Riachuelo card online service.
The application is really very useful, easy to use and accessible. The interface makes it not difficult to navigate between its various options and we can be in control of our expenses, projections or loans without problems. Invoices can be tracked using graphs that provide detailed information for each month, including how much the ballot was and how much was paid for it.

Cartão Riachuelo is a great alternative, not only because of the financial benefits it offers us but also because its digital platform is one of the most modern and accessible. Both the mobile application version and its website.
Giving customers the ability to navigate so easily through the benefits, advantages and management elements that the financial life of this card has is really something very important and the company does it successfully.
Undoubtedly a very good app to try if you want to stay in order and up to date with your expenses.

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Desarrollador : Lojas Riachuelo
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- Free download

- Good interface

- Info graphics

- Discounts available
- Some faults in general

- It takes time to enter and recognize the data

- It needs more updates

- The system suffers delays or falls
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Cartão Riachuelo

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