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Unfortunately we live in a world full of inequalities. Many citizens, individuals and families are in a situation of poverty. Governments take different measures to alleviate the situation through social plans and government programs that seek to make individuals have a fairer and less painful pass. Latin America is one of the continents hardest hit by the vulnerability of a large part of its population. This situation occurs particularly in Brazil, the giant of the continent and one of the most important countries in the world. In order to contain the inequality gap that did not stop growing, and help the most vulnerable sectors, the government administered by the Workers' Party with Lula Da Silva as president, sanctioned in 2003 the law that granted what is known like the Bolsa de Familia program.

Bolsa de Familia is an outlay of money made by the State for families with the most needs. The amount of money they receive varies according to a certain number of factors that have to do, for example, with the number of members of the social group. Among the conditions they have to meet is that they have to be considered people in poverty and extreme poverty and have children between 0 and 17 years old. As well as having an income each of BRL 85. The objective of the measure is also to facilitate access to health and education.

To obtain the Bolsa de Familia plan, you must be registered through the Ministry of Social Development and have a NIS number. Today more than 50 million people have benefited from the project.
Now, it is very important to be up-to-date with all the information on help that is so relevant to the families who need it most. The advancement of technology and the development of applications have brought a good opportunity with the possibility of downloading Consulta Bolsa Família 2020 for free. The program is available to install on devices with Android and iOS operating systems.
With the Consult Bolsa Familia 2020 app, people will have a quick and easy way to find out about everything related to their registration to aid issued by the government. It is very safe, agile and easy to use.

It has a wide variety of functions divided into categories such as access to a calendar that will tell the user, according to the NIS number, when the payment date is due.
In the Consultation section: access to all data related to the benefits of the program will be enabled. And if you still have any questions or queries to evacuate, the person can click on the frequently asked questions section where they have a very complete guide on the plan and the platform.
It is very important to bear in mind that to use Consult Bolsa Família 2020 the device we use must be connected to Wi-Fi or a data network. If you want us to give you a good tip or advice, if you do not have access to a network you can take note of the data or take a screenshot of what the mobile shows you.
The app is totally free and it is not necessary to register, which guarantees fast, agile and anonymous access.

During the crisis that spread throughout the world in 2020, President Bolsonaro decided to continue with the aid, but today he is deciding with his ministers whether or not to change the name of the famous program to “Brazil Income”, until today There were news in this regard but the project continues as it is very important for the Brazilian economy.
With the Bolsa Família 2020 Consultation you have the opportunity to get all the information on one of the most outstanding laws and benefits of the South American country. Without registration, free, fast and easily accessible. The division into categories makes it easy for you to understand what you have to do to get the best information safely about your plan. The calendar will be very useful as well as the section that corresponds to the frequently asked questions since it is something that many families have.

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Consulta Bolsa Família 2020

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Latest NEWS

Bolsonaro does not agree with the changes in Bolsa Família 2020

Bolsonaro does not agree with the changes in Bolsa Família 2020


Jair Bolsonaro and Paulo Guedes are in disagreement over the country's social aid program. The Brazilian government wants to change the current Bolsa Familia program and convert it into Renta Brasil, expanding its range of action. The president is in favor of reaching as many people as possible, while the minister alerts of future indebtedness

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