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DoorDash is a well-known food delivery service, being the most popular in the United States. It is based in San Francisco, but distributes to the entire country, Canada and Australia. Today it registers almost half of all orders that are placed, ahead of other large companies such as Uber Eats. Apart from managing food orders, with the company you can find a job with which to achieve job stability.

To use the application is as easy as installing it on your mobile device, it is free to download and you will find it available for Android and iOS in the main online stores, Google Play Store and App Store.

Once you have it on your device, you just have to open it and start recording all your data to create a personal account. The information it will ask for is very basic, such as email, telephone, name and address. The application allows you to register directly through Facebook or your Google account.

When you are already registered, you will only have to start ordering all the food you want. You can do this by browsing your restaurant menu or searching directly, through the magnifying glass icon, for a specific one. You have two options for this, write your name or access the category in which you are.

Once you have chosen the restaurant you want to order from and have accessed it, you will be presented with a menu of that establishment. Each of these establishments has its own offers for customers, as well as proposals such as the most popular dish or the most requested, but if what you want to eat is not what they offer you, at DoorDash you will find the entire menu of each one. of the locals, explore all the dishes that they offer you and go choosing those you want to order, where you can also change the order quantity or modify the food, adding something that you think is missing or eliminating one that you do not like. Once you have everything modified you will only have to select it and they will be added to your online cart.

When you have chosen the food, go to your basket and there you will see everything you have indicated so far and the total price of these. If you don't want to add anything else and are ready to order, select Continue. In this new screen it will ask you to choose a payment method, the application lets you select between a credit or debit card. The first time you enter your card, it will ask you to complete the data and will save it for future orders. On the next screen you will see a summary of all the demand, with the food dishes, the address to which it will be sent and the payment information. Check that everything is correct, add the last indications you think necessary and click Place order. And voila, you just have to sit down and wait for your food to come home.

The DoorDash application itself will show you details of how your order is going and the estimated time it will arrive at your home. Once the delivery person has delivered the order, you can rate the service and leave a review of both the food and the delivery person.

But if you want to be part of the DoorDash family and become a Dasher, you can do it the easy way. Through its website you can register by adding your personal data and a background check. Once you have attached all the data they require, the company will verify your data and approve your request if you meet all the requirements they ask for. Once they accept you, you will have to enter the application to see if there are pending orders available, accept one and go to the restaurant to pick it up.

Dashers are DoorDash Drive Qualified, allowing them to place large catering orders, a service that pays more. Obtaining this title guarantees you to be one of the best drivers in the company and is achieved by completing a minimum of 100 deliveries and an average rating of 4.8.

You also have the ability to add your restaurant to the list that appears on DoorDash. The process is very similar, you will have to complete a form and wait for the company to approve your income. Once you are registered, you will be able to choose the way your orders will arrive and choose one of the company plans that they offer you.

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- It has a large catalog of restaurants.

- Fast deliveries.

- Good commissions for restaurants.

- You can get a job and become a Dasher.
- Many requirements to become one of their deliverymen.

- There are restaurants that require a minimum payment.

- Few offers in some restaurants.

- The recommendations are the menu itself.
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