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There is a very fun and cheap way to learn new languages ​​from home or anywhere else you are, you always take it with you and very cheaply. Those are the tools that the Duolingo application offers you. It is the most used digital platform to study other languages ​​and do it interactively, participating in their courses and meeting other people who are also taking it.

Like its web version, you can find it to download for free in the Google Play Store and in the App Store. In it you will find courses to learn 13 different languages ​​just for English. Among the most targeted nationalities we find more than 30 million Spanish students, 8 million Italians, and the Irish, with half a million. But we can also find other courses for other nationalities other than English, including Portuguese, French, German, Swedish and a long etc.

She does not want you to waste time and goes directly to what you need, to learn a new language. It is very simple to use, you just have to install it on your mobile device and configure your own profile. Once you have your account created, choose the language you want to target. Duolingo will ask you what your learning goals will be, being yourself the one who will indicate the pace you want to follow to achieve it. You can take weekly challenges if you feel very confident and thus shorten the deadlines. Once you have this, you can start your course, without wasting another minute. Before starting in a language you will have the option of taking a Start Exam. This will mark your level in that dialect and will adapt your course to that result, so that you do not start with something you already know.

Each of the Duolingo courses is divided into modules called skills, which you will see very clearly in some colored circles, which will be grouped to create skills. Your plan will be to complete all the levels within each of these categories. It will be the application itself that will mark the order in which you will have to follow these topics, adding new ones as you pass levels. These will appear only once you have completed the previous one, not before, so as not to create stress on your students.

Within each of them you will find its own lessons, with the same functionality. You will need to completely overcome each one to move on to the next. Duolingo allows you to examine yourself to leave classes or even modules, without having to do the exercises that mark you. To do this you have to be very sure that you will pass this test and press the test out button. It is a small shortcut that will avoid having to do lessons that you already know and focus on those that you do not know and need to review. Either in this fast way or little by little going through all its classes, passing the final test of each of the modules is mandatory to continue advancing.

The lessons are divided into activities according to what is being practiced. For example, there are exercises in translation, pronunciation, vocabulary, etc. Within each one of them, at the top, you will find a color bar that is filled in as you successfully pass each of the tests. You have to be careful, if you answer wrong your bar will go down, so you have to make an effort not to lose all your progress.

Normally the vocabulary will be presented to you in the form of images, to make it easier, the grammar points in speech bubbles and in the listening exercises you will have to write what you hear. In pronunciation exercises, the application allows you to deactivate the microphone or even skip them.

Once you finish all the lessons, a screen will appear showing you all those words in which you have failed and that you should take into account to continue practicing them, in this same module or return to them in the future. When you have already approved everything, the icon will turn gold, having the option to return in the future if you want to resume it, even if you have approved it.

The bar under each one when you complete it will be completely full because you have just learned it but as time goes by it will lose lines, so after a certain time you will have to return to review. At the end of each lesson you will be able to get lingots, the Duolingo coins, which you will get if you answer well and manage to overcome your positive streak.

One of the advantages of Duolingo is that it knows how to motivate its students. They always make sure you keep learning, so they motivate you to come back to the app and keep having fun learning new languages.

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- You can learn anywhere and anytime.

- Set your own learning pace.

- Get motivated to answer correctly and not lose points.

- You can skip levels with the exam with the test out.
- It focuses a lot on vocabulary.

- Exercises can be very repetitive.

- You don't have a real interaction with the rest of the students.

- You have to have a lot of discipline not to abandon the course.
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Duolingo adds podcasts


Duolingo is undoubtedly the app par excellence to learn languages easily, simply and from mobile phones with Android and iOS. As of now, Duolingo podcasts are available in English to listen to or download on Spotify. They are short stories that allow you to add another learning method. Will be made from other languages in the future

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