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Do you want to know what exactly eBay is? I invite you to know a little! eBay is a website where you can buy and sell all kinds of items, allowing its users to value their items for sale and other users can bid on these items at online auctions.

Founded in 1995, by Pierre Omidyar in California, it was a very risky project due to the mistrust that the Internet still inspired in users. Its first name was Auctionweb and what its creator was looking for was to break barriers and promote a secure exchange between users. In 1998, eBay already had 30 workers and almost a million users. In 1999 it opened its doors to the international market, reaching Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom, in Spain we would have to wait until 2002, when it also buys PayPal.

When you open the main page of the website (from any type of device, you find it available for Android and iOS) and click on the search bar, you can type the name of the item you are interested in buying to see a list of available items that match that description. By default, eBay will show you all relevant listings, at the top of the page you will see the options: Auction or Buy Now. If you want to see the items you can bid on to try and get a good deal, select the first alternative. This will narrow down your search so that you only have items in current auctions.


If you like one of these items, you can bid on it a little and try to win the auction. For each eBay auction, the seller decides the date and time for the auction to end. You can see how much time is left in the auction right above where the initial bid is listed. If you are the highest bidder when the time is up, you will win the auction.


For some items, you can buy them at face value instead of bidding on them. If you want to buy the item right away, click on the 'Buy Now' option, this will limit your search to only see the items you can buy right away. Some sellers will also allow you to bid on items that have sales, in these cases, you can try to convince the seller to sell you the item for a lower price.

eBay has tons of different items for sale, so chances are you'll find what you're looking for at a great price. eBay has an option on its menu called 'Best Deals' where you can save money. If you want to learn how to save money while shopping on eBay, check out some of their best deals online. Some tips on how to try to make your purchases more efficient:

Try to set the maximum of what you are willing to pay for an item and not exceed that limit. If you are willing to spend a maximum of € 200 on something, don't bother if you lose it for € 205. Calculate every last dollar you are willing to spend on this article. This means agreeing to lose the auctions, to lose an item, you do not always get the desired object and this can happen every time.

You should constantly check what you are looking for and be on the lookout when you are in the right situation; that's where we are going to do this technique. Never bid on the item in the first moments of the auction. The good tactic is that simple, wait for the last second to bid.

For example, if you are willing to buy a watch at auction and you still have 3 days to finish it, the current bid is € 50 and your limit is € 200. So you need to set your price and add it to your watch list (the section on eBay where you find the items that interest you), that's all you need to do, nothing else, you are not going to bid on it. Then it will return in the last hours of the auction; that's all you have to do in the first step.


Step two is to check the item about an hour before the auction ends and check the status of the bids. Let's say that the item has only gone from € 50 to € 80, if it is the price you are not willing to spend: you walk away.

Step 3 is when there are only a few minutes left and the bid stays within your limits, that's when your enemies will also bid for it. In the last 30 seconds of this article, enter the € 200 (the maximum amount you are willing to spend) in the offer section and press it. This will open the confirmation window and make sure to wait until the auction actually ends. If you have succeeded and no one has given a higher offer, the item will be all yours and you can only enjoy it.

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Get last review 02.08.2021
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-You can find almost anything

-Create your private listings

-The system is protected

- Sell something that is not new
-There is significant competition

-Buyers willing to buy cheap things.

-Selling fees

- Fake images and descriptions

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Iphones offers soar with Fortnite installed on Ebay


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