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Being able to connect several devices to the television has been one of the recent technological advances that has most revolutionized the market. Everyone wanted a smart device that would allow them to see what they wanted with the simple gesture of sending it from their mobile phone. Google, always at the forefront of the entire digital world, has Google Cast, a technology that you have to take into account to be able to send content very quickly, just in seconds.

It comes from its predecessor, Miracast, a WIFi Alliance protocol that allowed screen sharing, an alternative to the famous HDMI cable, but only between compatible devices. This, in short, what it did was reflect the two screens and that you could see in one what you had on the other. This is known as the mirroring protocol, which requires that both devices have to be turned on for this projection to occur, otherwise nothing happened.

With a very similar functionality, Google Cast was launched for the first time in 2013 and is a protocol that allows us to send content from one mobile device to another that is compatible with it. In this version, he already introduced us to the first generation Chromecast, which is the device that made all this exchange possible.

Download Google Cast for free, you will find it available for Android and iOS, you have to know that as it is a Google protocol, it is only compatible with Chromecast, Android TV and audio devices that have Chromecast incorporated, When sending the content, this is the one that uses the Internet connection to download what you have requested. To use it is very easy, you will only have to synchronize both devices and press the Send button that will appear on the screen of your mobile phone. From the mobile application you will find all the devices compatible with Google Cast, you only have to select the one that interests you and click on Send.

In order to work, it requires a WIFi Direct connection, ensuring that the data is sent at a much higher speed than using Bluetooth, although it is not necessary for the devices to be connected to the same network. When using Google Cast, a WIFi network is created between them, so you only have to worry that both are compatible with the protocol used by the tool. The speed will depend on the quality of the connection.

You will be able to control all your devices and manage them through a single application. In addition, you will also have in a tab all those functions that you use the most, so that you can find them quickly in a direct access to your usual actions, with just one click. Your mobile will become your remote control, with it you will control everything you are watching on your television. On platforms like Netflix, just click on what you want to see and it will automatically appear on the synchronized screen.

It shows you in its Feed tab all the outstanding events that are taking place in your home and recommends tricks so that you can improve the use you make of your devices so that you get the most out of them. With it, you can do everything, watch videos and movies from the Internet on TV, create automatic playlists, play live videos from other platforms, such as Facebook, synchronize it with other applications or turn your mobile into a console. Any application that is compatible with it can be used on your television You can also create routines so that you can do them through a command and check all the audio and video transmissions that you have active and control them from the app itself, change tracks, adjust volume, etc. From your list of compatible devices, decide which ones you will use the most and prioritize them so they have more speed.

With Google Cast you have access to your networks from your mobile device, where you can manage them, share it with friends, create personalized networks, or distribute the password of your WIFi with whoever you want in a simple way. For your safety, it has parental controls with which you will have absolute control of everything that the smallest of the house see. One trick is to program the connection pause in advance, thus limiting the time spent on the Internet.

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- It is very easy to configure.

- You have a great variety of content.

- You can control all your devices.

- You can have more than one device connected.
- It has no remote controls.

- Some connections may be slow.

- Compatible devices are limited.

- Can't record with it
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