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Google Play Games is an application for online games and everything about online games that includes: multiplayer games, game profiles, clouds to save, leaderboards and also has a social site. The application works as a dashboard for your gaming activities and also keeps you in touch with everything related to your games.

Imagine something like a platform that supports players from all over the world and developed by Google. You check a lot of information about the games you have played once and for this you still like to play. Games may or may not be compatible with Google, it doesn't matter.

Another good thing is that you can check which games support multiplayer so that Google Play Games can share your game with friends or maybe you will find new friends or passionate players that you enjoy in some missions. You can do many things with the relationship between all the google platforms like Google+ like to play with your friends and you can see what games they have saved.

Google Play Games is really like a king of gaming networks that allows you to systematically choose and save your games. This can be very useful for people who like to order and are more habitually oriented. But the main reason is average people (not just gamers) will use this app to read and search for games, of course.

There are plenty of games, from multiplayer games to offline games like those installed in the app, so at times when you can't go online you can play Play Solitaire, Snake and Cricke. What helps Google Play Games to reach new users is the "instant play" option, this is very useful if you do not like the long installation process. Starting on 03.31.20 they may no longer support real-time savings from games, so get ready for this and check your games.

When you download Google Play Games, you will see that this does not require anything special about how to use it. It is a first page where everything is there. On the bottom line, you will have 3 buttons Home, Collections and Social. For your profile, you can choose the settings you want.

Once you have created your ID profile, you will have all the tools that include recording the game, to share your best moments with your community. You can level up by any means and save your achievements. Playing from multiple devices will not be a problem for you, Google Play Games also supports these options.

This app is truly a huge place for all beginner game developers and enthusiasts who want to develop their own game.

So for games, we can say that Google maintains the good old practice of giving you all the features that each game has. So in this place, it will be very easy to focus on the game itself and on the players who played. To achieve more achievements and compete with each other with your friends.

You can filter as much as you like from game genres that are more sufficient and cover all standards, from puzzles to adventure games and many more. The applications are made really intuitive and easy. All results will cover your front page and you can check your ranking and read descriptions from Google Play.

There are some hotkeys that will help you search according to your purposes and needs. Not only instant but it also has paid games, free games. Musical games, actions, etc. On your screen you can see the 3 most played instant games at the moment these games are Reflex Hero, Tiny Hope and Boom Air Hockey. You can see all the new games coming and see their teesers, of course.

Your entire gaming organization will be easy to maintain, make different collections of games and share them, follow some trends and use powerful information about games with real-time statistics. It will be in flow of information for most of the games played, which game will be the next hit and many more. Or you can try other people's favorite games and play with them.

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Google Play Games

Get last review 21.09.2021
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- Personalized profile

- Contains integrated games

- Wide variety of collections

- Ability to compete with other players
- Game recording not available in all regions

- Some problems with game updates

- Problems in saving games

- It may take some time to load titles

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Google Play Games gains new users this 2020

Google Play Games gains new users this 2020


Google Play Stor 'e has not stopped growing, with constant updates. With the exit of Fortnite from the App Store, players saw the Google Play Store as the alternative to continue enjoying the famous game. This caused an avalanche of new users in the application, but recently it has also communicated its intention to remove it from its catalog

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