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Using a free app on mobile phones is one of the things we do the most and enjoy the most in our daily lives. All the devices we have are surely full of games and applications that make our days more entertaining, organized and simple. For all this gear to work there are a series of programs and codes behind that are really very complex. Among the tools we have, and that allow everything that we like so much not to present errors when it comes to operation, is Google Play Services.

Google Play Services is that app that we all have and update and we don't really know why we do it. But we update it just in case ... and it is very good that it is. The program, as its name indicates, belongs to Google products and is one of the most important for our mobile to work optimally.
Although as end users we do not use or download Google Play Services, the tool performs a silent work behind that is responsible for connecting all the functions and apps of our mobile with services provided by the tools provided by the search engine company. important of the internet.

We could say that among the functions of Google Play Services are connecting and synchronizing programs. As its official description indicates, the app helps update all Google programs and facilitates tasks that are of vital importance for the performance of the terminals. We refer to actions such as contact synchronization, security and privacy settings, location benefits, energy saving and performance optimization.
Also, Google Play Services helps all apps perform better. That is, not only those of Google. The tool will provide fast results in case of no connection, maps and possibilities to experience games.
Although it may be complex to understand, what we have to know is that this silent application is very very important that it is on your device with Android operating system. Even if you are not present, some apps may stop working.

Many of the tools that we have installed in our terminals are in some way "connected" to Google services. It can be through Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Fit, Google Places, etc. In order to include this type of benefit in any program, we must always update Google Play Services. In this way we will ensure that both the independently developed app and the Google service that is installed are correctly connected, synchronized, updated and with correct operation.

The advantage that Google Play Services gives both developers and users is the simplicity with which it generates all these connections. If this application is not available and installed, each program should use a very extensive programming code to add one by one the Google service that the creator wants. Although we mention some of the possibilities that exist to add Google functions to apps, we are going to highlight a few more so that you can think about how many of them are present in the tools you use the most.
Safety Net, is responsible for keeping the service protected; Tag Manager enables the user to know the route taken to reach a certain point in the program; Identity provides the person's address; Fitness connects with Google Fit; App Indexing enables the function of getting Google results in the app; Cast allows Chromecast to be used.

As we can see, there are endless tools that Google shares with all the apps that we have available on our mobile phones. The agile, optimal and simple operation is one of the elements that make us want to continue using products from both Google and developers who program efficient codes, often linked to services of the powerful search engine through Google Play Services, as we saw so far.
To keep the system up to date, with a good operation you just have to know if Google Play Services is up to date. We go to the Play Store and there we must check that the app is not on the list of those that need to be updated. By keeping it up to date, the correct functioning of the device is guaranteed.

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- It does a silent job

- It is essential for the proper functioning of the device in general

- It allows to simplify codes and make processes faster

- It synchronizes important functions
- It is not for fun

- It is a technical app

- The description is scarce

- There are things that are not known about how it works
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