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There is great news for lovers of fashion, the H&M chain has a mobile application that will delight those who love shopping. Everyone has ever bought in some of its stores and it is one of the most popular and well-known brands in the world. With it you can buy all the clothes you want, both from the new collections, from sales, and with clothes with exclusive discounts just for the app.

You can download H&M for free, you will find it available in the main virtual stores, Google Play Store and App Store, being compatible with Android and iOS, and to start enjoying it you will only have to install it on your mobile device and create an account.

With H&M you will be able to see current fashion collections and past seasons, the latter you have at exclusively reduced prices. In addition to the clothes, you will also have the campaigns that have been made for all these and the news in photography and video.

If you shake your phone, you will have specific offers for being an H&M subscriber, both in the app and in certain physical stores. Enter your zip code or use your geolocator to find out which stores are closest to you on a map and start discovering these treasures.

If there are clothes that you like, don't let them escape, create your own lists for future purchases with all the clothes that you like. You can change these as many times as you want, you can even make more than one list to have all the items categorized. You can also share with your friends on social networks everything you just bought with your connection to social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Download H&M, just for this you will have a 20% discount for the first time you use it, which will be automatically applied to your final price. One of its characteristics is the Buy now, pay later option, which was first implemented in the United States and in its web version, little by little it is spreading to the rest of the world.

This mechanism greatly facilitates purchases, allowing you to pay them comfortably in up to three installments. This adds to the search for the comfort of its customers, such as millennials, a public very interested in buying, trying at home and only paying if they are really going to keep the garment.

It is a form of digital payment that many fashion brands have joined and included in their online stores. You buy today and you have between 14 and 30 days to pay, this depends on the signature.

With a way of use very similar to that of other fashion stores, it has a very clear interface in which it prioritizes clarity and images. You can find everything through photographs at a considerable size and from different angles, which will help you get an idea of ​​the model. On its main screen you will find the latest news, by sliding down you will continue to discover more and more garments from the latest collection. If you click on any of them, it takes you to the specific garment so that you can start choosing the size and if it has several color options.

At all times you will have its drop-down menu accessible so that you can navigate with ease, in it are all the categories that the brand has, from women and men, children, to accessories and special prices. Each of them in turn is sub categorized by the different garments that there are, so that you do not have to be looking for all the clothes they have, you will only have to go to a specific garment and see everything there is of it.

Its search engine is very complete, it allows you to search for garments or even for the exact reference of a model. To buy is as fast as adding to your shopping cart, once you have everything, click on it and you only have to confirm the purchase.

Accepts several payment methods, among the most common are credit card or gift vouchers. It is very safe, from H&M they will notify you that you have made a purchase, to confirm that it was you, so you can spend an afternoon shopping just browsing the H&M application without any worry.

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- The photographs show you the clothes from all angles.

- Exclusive prices.

- All the news.

- You have your digital tickets.
- Photos may not upload.

- Some articles do not have photos.

- There are billing problems.

- When selecting a garment it may not be available.
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