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Although it is not as well known as the big streaming platforms, there is an alternative to all of them that has a series of high-quality, self-produced products that are among the most popular, with many awards behind them.

The platforms to watch series and movies are living their golden age with all the demand that exists, but at the same time the competition is fierce due to the large number of options there are. It is very rare to find a house that does not have an account in one of them, due to the convenience of having a whole library of content in your own home. Among them, Hulu stands out, a very new platform that has created a lot of expectation.

It is a subscription video service where you can watch series and movies on demand, owned by a division of the Walt Disney company focused on the retransmission of current television programs as well as the creation of original products, especially movies and documentaries. Download Hulu free, you find it available for Android and iOS devices.

Among its best-known titles we find renowned series such as The Maid's Tale, The Awesomes or The Mindy Project among many others.

The series starring Elisabeth Moss about the literary adaptation of the life of a maid was the first to get the Emmy for best drama series and seven others, this fact made the name of Hulu begin to sound strongly and that all its projects Later, they will start to generate interest.

To start enjoying Hulu on your mobile device, you just have to install it on your device and create an account. It has a free basic service with which the user can enter only by entering and choosing what they want to see at that time but with a more limited catalog. It also has a paid one with which you will have everything accessible legally and with the possibility of watching it without limits and for free. This is priced at $ 11.99 for unlimited, ad-free access, or $ 7.99 on a service where you'll find advertising every time an episode ends, with a maximum of two minutes each time. But if you want to have access to all your files and live television, for $ 39.99 you can also do it.

If you opt for the more expensive price, in addition to your entire library, you will also have the possibility of watching live television. Both options are a different option than what other platforms offer, allowing the user to enter either with one model or another and be able to see a wide variety of products aimed at all types of ages and audiences.

Download Hulu and discover the paradise of lovers of series and cinema. In addition to the product, you will find interviews with the actors, directors or videos of how it was made during the filming. Something that differentiates it from the others and offers other types of audiovisual products.

One of the advantages of Hulu is that you can add other subscription content packages and thus add up and get all the programming offered by the rest of the platforms.

In the application we will find content from more than 200 networks, entire seasons and broadcasts of programs and series from major networks such as Fox, ABC and NBC just a few hours after their original broadcast. This agreement that has been reached with these important networks means that their subscribers can watch programs almost exclusively.

With a very clear interface, navigating through its files is very easy, it shows you clips from the movies and other programs related to what you are looking for. Not only with the title, but also looking for proper names of the technical staff. This design is shared with its website, which makes it very useful for the user to switch from one platform to the other and you can take it wherever you want.

Thanks to the fame that Hulu has achieved, it has made me go directly to fight against the big ones, but this means that you have to keep working to stay and that is your goal, to keep innovating and creating new quality content.

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- Your huge content library.

- Offers more than 50 live television channels.

- Original programming.

- Very fast updates of new episodes.
- Very frequent announcements.

- Only allows two screens per account.

- Cannot be used offline.

- It is not in all countries.
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