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iFood is the perfect application to order food at home, with its innovative system you can order your favorite food from your mobile application without any complications. It is a company specialized in food delivery service that gives a new vision to this type of service. Born in Brazil, it is a leading app, present in more than 543 cities around the world, with more than 6 million orders per month, more than 200 thousand associated restaurants, 150 thousand messengers and 5 million active users. With a very simple interface, get this application to download for free available for Android and iOS.

Once you have it installed on your device, you just have to enter it, indicate where you are and choose from the most popular restaurants in your city. It is the app itself that shows you a list of restaurants, classified according to the type of cuisine they have. iFood has more than a thousand restaurants at your disposal so you always have ideas of what to order. You can find your favorite dish just a click away.

With iFood you will have many benefits, not only in restaurants, with which you can have a more practical life, with options for all tastes and diners. You can see the restaurant menu and the prices you have. You will have at your disposal the entire menu of the site, with product specifications and food allergies. Also, for being a user you will have exclusive discounts and offers that only you will find.

Among the type of food that it offers you will find all kinds, from fast food, to Japanese food, through pizzas, snacks or typical Brazilian food. Let yourself be carried away by their suggestions and discover new flavors.

Once you place your order, it is the restaurant that takes care of everything, you just have to wait and get ready to enjoy the delicacies that they serve you in your own home. From the platform they care that everything they serve is of quality and is in the best conditions. You will find in each restaurant ratings from other users, which will help you to know whether to choose a particular restaurant or not.

To pay for it, it is as easy as browsing the restaurant and adding dishes to your liking in your cart. If you find an ingredient that you want to remove or add, you just have to add it in the comments field, so that the restaurant takes it into account when preparing your order. Once you think that you have selected everything you want to eat, go to your cart and make a final check so that you do not forget anything and if everything is correct, just click on Send. From the iFood application you can follow your order, to see how it is going, you can even see which route the delivery person has chosen to take it to your home.

In the application you will find a tab in which you will have a history with all the orders you have made and the possibility of repeating them the same, without having to enter the restaurant again and have to go giving everything you want one by one, just you will have to go to that previous one and give the option to Repeat. You can also find an answer to any questions that may arise in its frequently asked questions section, with a customer service from the app itself.

The company also seeks to provide management solutions to the restaurants themselves, receiving orders and calculating their own delivery times, in many cases becoming an important channel for certain food venues. To be able to offer your restaurant in iFood you will only have to register it, adding in great detail what you offer, your prices and with photographs so that users can get a faithful idea of ​​your products.

iFood has developed a good number of social and environmental initiatives to bring food to those most in need and do the whole process in a sustainable way. One of its latest campaigns has been to seek a solution for the delivery of food orders at home during this social situation, and is to allow the distribution of disinfectant gels and masks to its delivery men to avoid the agglomeration of people, they can access them requesting it through the app and picking them up at different points in the city.

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- Many restaurants

- You can add or remove ingredients.

- Fast and safe delivery.

- Discount codes.
- You have to pay the shipping costs.

- It only shows you the restaurants that are nearby.

- Sometimes the arrival time fails.

- Orders may be delayed.
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Latest NEWS

In Brazil, drone deliveries are already a reality with iFood

In Brazil, drone deliveries are already a reality with iFood


iFood is committed to combining the drone with the usual land transport between two points on a route. The first test will be carried out in Brazil and the path will be from Igautemi Campina, a shopping center, to an iFood Hub. More and more people are joining these alternatives due to the social situation that exists

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