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One of the means of communication par excellence is undoubtedly the radio. One of the oldest ways of communicating with a great presence in all countries, homes and families in the world. In all the houses, or in a large part of them, radio is consumed in some way or another. Whether with news programs, the new podcast formats or music through a streaming service.
With the development of technology, especially the Internet, the way of transmitting and receiving radio changed over the years. From the frequencies that were broadcast through the air to the devices, it was passed to digital broadcasting. No more cumbersome antennas to move to get the best, clearest and highest quality sound. With just one click we can make our favorite program or station. And as expected, with the advancement of mobile technology came a series of very good free applications to listen to all your favorite content.

One of the outstanding tools to listen to free online radio is iHeartRadio. The program is developed by iHeartMedia and is available for Android and iOS operating systems. It can be installed free of charge.
Downloading iHeartRadio will allow you to access a huge number of digital stations full of the best programs, music and podcasts. The simple interface that the tool presents allows you to choose between the stations that broadcast according to the area in which you are. You just have to go through the list of places that have information and choose what program you want to hear.

Another advantage of iHeartRadio is that it has a special section dedicated to music genres. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of rock, folk, jazz, house, Latin or blues. Hundreds of musical styles are available with a long list of songs curated by renowned experts.
The variety of genres is also present when it comes to stations, podcasts and programs. You will have available broadcasts related to sports, shows, politics, general information, weather, economy and much more.

Using iHeartRadio is really very simple and you just have to take advantage of the possibility of its free download to start enjoying it. Even if you are not sure what to choose when enjoying a podcast or broadcast, you have the exclusive “Shake It” function. With this alternative, you will receive content randomly with just a small movement of your mobile phone or tablet.
Once you use the application for a long time, you will have the chance to personalize your content. What does this mean? That you won't miss any new installment of your favorite podcast, show or artist. The program will take care of making a selection according to your tastes and so that you can keep everything in order.

Also if you want to be up to date with everything that is happening in the world of music you can do so in the news section. Here you will also have the chance to configure your preferences and receive up-to-date everything that happens with your favorite band or artist.
If you want to choose what to listen to on iHeartRadio according to current issues or your preferences, you can also do it. The themes are variable and very broad, you can choose between health, curiosities, food, general entertainment, children and family, Latino, LGBTQ community, love relationships, politics, international or music. Once you enter the one you want, you will have at your disposal all kinds of content related to the subject.

We are without a doubt one of the most useful tools that you can find in digital mobile phone stores. Whether you want to stay informed or enjoy your favorite songs, you will not regret getting this program.
Its friendly interface and the huge amount of content it handles make it a more than complete option for radio lovers. A means of communication and a way of connecting that, despite the fact that many predict that it will die, always adapts constantly to new formats. When the dials and modulated frequencies of yesteryear lose their validity due to the advancement of new technologies, the radio is consolidated with models supported by proposals such as iHeartRadio. Don't miss the experience of enjoying the best communication medium of all.

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Desarrollador : iHeartMedia
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- Good interface

- Large number of stations

- Variety of podcasts

- Customization options
- Does not work in all regions

- Transmission is sometimes cut off

- Some connection failures

- Problems after updates
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