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Don't get lost in a city you don't know anymore. Today, navigation applications are the order of the day and we have all used them at one point or another in our lives. Whoever says no, does not know what is being lost.

There are many on the market and the best known is undoubtedly Google Maps, being the one that most people turn to when they need to know an address. But there are many more, just as useful and with the same functionalities. Among them we find Komoot - Maps, an app that will be key to organizing your routes in the open air.

With it, you will only have to plan your adventure, regardless of whether it will be on foot or by bike and regardless of the type of terrain on which it is, either in the middle of the mountain or in the middle of a city, since it offers information in real time and in detail of the entire surface, the difficulty involved, the marked distance to be covered, the elevation of the terrain and any other obstacle that you may encounter.

Download Komoot - Maps for free, you will find it in the main virtual stores, Google Play Store and App Store, and on its own website. It is available for all types of mobile devices, with both Android and iOS operating systems.

One of the advantages of Komoot - Maps is its voice navigation. With it, you can continue on your way without having to look at your mobile phone and thus avoid annoying distractions that could lead to an accident and at the same time continue to enjoy the environment around you.

Depending on the type of activity you have indicated, it will use a specialized algorithm to connect points of interest, roads and trails that best suit you and thus ensure that you can plan your route in the most optimized way, in addition to determining the distances and times so you don't run out of battery on the phone midway.

Komoot - Maps can be used without an internet connection. Configure the route in advance and save the maps on your device locally, all this using a single button. This offers you other possibilities of use, such as creating a treasure hunt or for when you already know that you are going to run out of cover.

To start enjoying all its advantages, you just have to install it on your phone, with the account you create you will have all the devices you want synchronized. Whether you prepare it on your computer or on your mobile, they will all have the same information, so you don't have to prepare it again during the trip.

Its navigation is guided step by step by voice that, in addition, you can share information with other users about specific routes, places they have to visit, etc., in short, it helps other travelers with their plans. It also has an itinerary planner with which you can organize different activities and have everything well organized. The main objective of Komoot - Maps, as they themselves point out, is to help people get out and explore further, giving them the confidence to discover new places.

He is one of the main collaborators in eight of Klassmark's cycling races, where more than 5,000 people use it to plan and organize each of the stages and has been used by great personalities from the cycling world.

It is a totally free application, but it also has a series of purchases inside that will allow you to buy individual regions to use without Internet for a price of € 3.99. Its paid version allows you to enter exclusive functions of Komoot - Maps Premium and its cost is € 59.99 per year.

This application has become one of the essentials for bicycle lovers, it is not a competitive app, it is a space where you can discover new places and that will help you inspire yourself for future adventures. It is also a very active and collaborative community, there are many who dare to share with the rest their own experience and their route maps.

Among its many possibilities are the options to create multi-day routes, in which you will have more than one day, weather information, to know the weather during the route or the creation of collectible maps, saving all the routes you already have. created and made in case at any other time you want to repeat it. Download Komoot - Maps and start a new adventure.

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- Can be used offline.

- Your GPS is very detailed.

- You can paint on top of the maps.

- Use maps of other users.
- It does not work well in certain places.

- It does not connect well several devices.

- Some maps do not read well.

- There are incomplete maps.
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Komoot - Maps

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