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MaxMilhas is an application that allows you to purchase flight tickets at the best price. By using their own smart combinations you will always save money on your travels. You will only have to choose the date you want to travel and be aware of the offers.

Bring together people who love to travel and those who want to sell their miles and earn extra money. In the app you have the option to find these discounted tickets, you just have to find the destination you want to go to and compare the prices. But if what you want is to sell your miles, it is as easy as putting the value you want to your offer, publish it and give it the necessary publicity for free and thus be able to convert it into money easily and safely.

MaxMilhas is a solution whether you want to travel through Brazil or abroad, the platform offers different combinations that allow you to find international flights from the best national airlines, such as Latam, Gol, or International. To take advantage of these offers, you just have to download their mobile application for free and create your own account.

Since 2013, they have achieved more than six million trips around the world and negotiated 60 billion miles from their users, making it easier for their users to enjoy their trips without having complications with tickets. These cheap prices are achieved by fitting the different prices in one, including those set by the users of the app. MaxMilhas is a very safe company, guaranteeing that the tickets you purchase are the cheapest you will find on the market, even taking advantage of the miles of other customers. These will make you take advantage of their points and earn them money at the same time.

The application itself has a search engine in which you can compare prices, you just have to add the date you want to travel and the place, you will also see the different rates that you will have if you choose other different dates, making you continue saving and if you do not have On a specific date, you can consider your holidays in a different way, without pressure. In addition to all the flights you find, you also have the possibility of finding special promotions that you will only find at specific times, so you will have to be very aware of your favorite destinations.

The ticket you acquire will arrive at the email you have marked, receiving a location code, this is what guarantees boarding on the plane, being MaxMilhas itself the one in charge of the purchase so that you do not have to waste any more time , notifying if any change arises.

One of the advantages of MaxMilhas is that it shows you all the options, the direct prices of the airlines and those of miles, indicating if one option or the other is cheaper. This differential will help you end up deciding on the one that best suits you.

In the application you will find a large database of clients who are registered and sell their miles and with a RA 1000 stamp of Claim Here, obtaining it is very difficult and makes you realize the level of professionalism of the company, a recognition of everything his work.

In MaxMilha you will have different ways of paying your tickets, the most used being the credit card but being able to use the bank transfer for the convenience of travelers. If you buy a ticket and you cannot use it, you will have a maximum period of up to 48 hours before the flight to cancel it, in this case the company will negotiate with the airline the change of dates if it is what it wants or manage the refund of the money.

If the cause is due to illness, you can also request a change, but each of the airlines reserves its own rules for this type of cancellation. MaxMilhar has a customer service available 24 hours, through the app itself, on a phone number or through its social networks.

From the application you will find a blog in which there are recommended trips, what to see in certain places or even entries in which they will help you know how to get the most out of your profile, so that you continue traveling the world and saving on it.

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- You find international travel at cheap prices.

- You can take advantage of the miles of other users.

- You find special offers according to the dates.

- Secure payment method.
- It only works in Brazil.

- Sometimes you don't find tickets as cheap as in other comparators.

- Problems may arise when canceling flights.

- To get to a specific point you have to do many combinations of flights.
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Latest NEWS

Exclusive discount at MaxMilhas for Father's Day

Exclusive discount at MaxMilhas for Father's Day


MaxMilhas has launched the campaign 'A trip is little to miss so much', a promotion with which its users can get discounts of up to 15% on plane tickets with coupons that accumulate. This is part of the celebration of Father's Day and therefore they are also invited to send personalized virtual postcards to parents

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