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Government administration is one of the most important pillars of the organization of a country. The proper functioning of its offices allows citizens to live better and in a more comfortable way. The advancement of technology has been able to develop tools that help bring citizens closer to the offices that are useful to them, to carry out the necessary management. The existence of free apps to review records, submit forms, access help, report important data is one of the most outstanding advances in modern societies. One of these examples is the platform developed by the Brazilian Government from its Ministry of Social Development called Meu CadÚnico.

It is possible to download Meu CadÚnico on Android and iOS. All devices that have these operating systems will have the free app enabled and will be able to install it on their terminals to verify whether they are registered and carry out a series of procedures.
One of the main functions of the platform produced by the ministry in charge of Osmar Terra is to allow families to check if they are registered and qualified to receive social programs from the Federal Government. They will also have the chance to prepare a proof of the registry, seek advice on all the members of their family, find out what the Social Identification Number (NIS) of each one is, check if there are unresolved and pending registries, find an office near the position of the user and know all the details of the most important programs of the public entity, including the Bolsa Familia Program.

The purpose of identifying citizens with the NIS is to be able to provide social assistance to those who need it most. Among the different programs that can be accessed through the single registration are “Minha Casa”, “Minha Vida”, “ID Jovem” and more. Brazil is a country that has many families living in poverty and they need help.
In order to obtain the NIS and later use Meu CadÚnico, people must register at the “Centro de Referência em Assistência Social” (CRAS) that is closest to them. Remember that the mobile app can tell you which office is closest to you. In addition, if the citizen had a NIS number and lost it, they can consult it by accessing the “Consulta Cidadão do Governo” portal.
In recent months, Meu CadÚnico took on great importance among people since, being registered, it was a necessary condition to be able to access the emergency assistance of R $ 600 that the administration of President Jair Bolsonaro decided to grant in the face of the economic and social crisis that arose. unleashed in 2020. To know if one has made the single registration, you must follow a series of steps that we are going to comment on.
There are three alternatives to obtain the necessary information in order to get help. One can be done by consulting the Citizen Consultation page, another can be by downloading Meu CadÚnico, or finally by calling the ministry's sites.
Access to the aid decreed by Bolsonaro is regulated in such a way that those over 18 years of age can access, without a job, who do not have other government aid, who do not have unemployment insurance and who adjust to certain parameters of monthly income where the amount of money you receive and your marital and family status are considered. The measure can reach two members per family.

The application interface to carry out all these procedures is very simple and easy to use. In addition to providing dotted maps to indicate where the nearest office is located, QR code scanning can be used to issue relevant checks.
We are facing a platform that is really very useful to help the development of people both individually and socially. A present state is very important especially in crisis years such as 2020. Technological and information technology development in order to provide assistance to poor or needy families is something that must be considered both now and in the future. Governments must invest in speeding up the procedures that are so important for the good life of their citizens.

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Desarrollador : Governo do Brasil
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- Good interface

- Makes procedures easier

- Uses QR technology

- Allows you to locate offices
- System may crash

- Some registry issues

- Location may not be recognized

- Missing options to customize settings
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Meu CadÚnico

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Know the requirements to register in Meu CadÚnico

Know the requirements to register in Meu CadÚnico


The Meu CadÚnico application will help the government to verify the income data of those registered for the new aid launched in the country. To see if you meet the requirements you will only have to enter and look for your name in the list. Those who do not have it may also request it with a communication through a digital platform

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