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There is no doubt that mobility, people's transportation and transit are among the most important factors that make urban life and the development of cities. The largest urban centers on the planet are characterized by housing a large group of people who move every day to go to offices, schools, universities or museums. That all this citizen movement flows correctly is a great challenge facing governments. The advancement of technology, for the benefit of all, provides a huge number of free applications to improve this daily task. Today we are going to tell you about Moovit, one of the best free transit applications.

Downloading Moovit is to become one of the most used and best valued proposals of the virtual stores of devices that use Android and iOS operating systems. In the Google app to download programs, tools and applications, it has a 4.5 star rating out of almost a million opinions from different users. It is undoubtedly one of the highest levels that can be achieved before such a large group of demanding users.
How to use Moovit? It is very simple since once you register, the tool will help you organize all your movements wherever you are in the most optimal and effective way. It has transport records for more than 3,000 urban centers throughout the planet. It covers real-time information on the location of stops, departure and arrival times, delays, traffic conditions, and the situation of routes or highways. All this will allow you to plan your route with Moovit to get to your destination as quickly as possible.

Among other advantages of Moovit, it has important benefits in different cities that can help you buy cheaper passes or tickets. In other words, depending on the region you are in, you will have access to discounts from different apps that are related to transport.
Also during your trip the program will not leave you alone. This means that it has an advanced and reliable system of notifications and alerts that will tell you along the way what the status of your route is, when the bus or train arrives or if there is an unexpected event.
Among the variety of information it covers, Moovit will also notify you whether or not you have public bicycle service available at your location. One of the modalities that more and better expanded in large cities due to its effectiveness. So if you want to take one of the best means of transport you can check your app to see if you have a nearby bike available.
You will not miss any bus, train or metro thanks to this useful tool since, if it has the arrival information of the transfer, it will inform you about what time you should go to the station or stop. If you usually do a section or route more than once, you will have the opportunity to save all the relevant data in the favorites screen.

If you have configured the means that you use the most in case of changes, alterations or delays, the Service Alert system that the platform has will send you everything you need to know.
If you are traveling and you are not sure where to get off or what combination to do, Moovit will help you thanks to its Let's go function. Also, in case you are traveling and do not have any data or connection, you can download the maps with all the most important information in PDF format.

The numbers that the app handles are impressive. It was born in 2012 and today it is available in 106 different countries, translated into 45 languages ​​and available in 3,200 cities. It has a production rate where it adds information about a new city every 24 hours. It has data on more than 6 million bus stops and train stations.
We are without a doubt one of the most complete and efficient proposals on the market and that is why it gets the popularity and recognition it deserves. Downloading Moovit for free will undoubtedly help you both in your daily life and if you go on vacation to a place you don't know.

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- Free download

- Worldwide coverage

- Translated in 45 languages

- Good interface
-Some information may fail in certain cities

-May have outdated data

-It has problems after updates

-Problems in the numbering of some lines
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