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Access to information is everything. Being aware of what happens in our environment, in our city, close to homes is something in which most citizens should be involved. Not only for personal interest and protection, but also as citizens to collaborate to have a more just and democratic society.
The advancement of information technologies allowed unprecedented access to the most important news and events of today. The world of free applications that provide data provision services is very large but some platforms are better than others, such is the case of News Break, the free app developed by Particle Media.

One of the problems that we have as users to choose which news to read each morning we take the mobile is precisely that, which is the best newspaper to read, how to find out better. Downloading News Break will solve this problem since the platform, available for devices with Android and iOS operating systems, is in charge of filtering and choosing the best information for our mobile.
With this tool you can configure which area you want to obtain the analysis and information from the latest events. You can configure absolutely everything: in which area you live, what topics you prefer to receive news with priority or if you have media that you like more than others.

One of the benefits of News Break is that you stay up-to-date and in contact with independent blogs and media. This means that you will have access to different views from those that large chains or newspapers may have, which many times confuse with their analysis because they have interests involved in what they are telling. That is to say, a small, local medium or a blog may have a sharper and more critical analysis of a fact since they probably have no ties or business with any of the protagonists. With this option, News Break would then allow you to have access to different views of reality so that you can build your own.

As we said, all the topics are covered in News Break. Both political and election results or new measures to take, such as results of your favorite sports, weather and traffic updates or even meme channels and funny facts if you want to get away from the seriousness for a moment.
Not only can you receive news with the Particle Media app. Users will in turn have access to complete information about businesses, bars and restaurants in their local environment. One of the characteristics of the site is that it highly values ​​interaction with local elements and the city where the user is. It even has a section to promote the purchase and sale of objects.
In addition to all the information it gives you, News Break will give you the place to participate with your eyes on the topics you read and the news you receive. You can comment, providing the opinion of each one and interacting with other users to reflect on the most outstanding articles of the day. Like the support for small and medium-sized channels of dissemination today, the possibility of generating debate among people is another attempt to improve the circulation of information and the relationship of people with what is happening around them.

Using News Break is very very easy. You will find yourself in front of an interface that you will understand perfectly just by installing the news tool on your mobile phone. First you must choose your area of ​​residence, then you choose on which topics you want information to be sent to you first and finally, if you wish, you can choose on which media you want to receive more or fewer articles. As advice we can tell you that always, the more varied the views you receive from the same event, the better conclusions you can draw yourself.
One of the best free applications available on the market for mobile phones. A simple, accessible and agile proposal. That will allow you to keep up to date with all the latest that happens in your city and local community. A tool that, if used judiciously, can foster collaboration, discussion and interaction between neighbors and citizens.

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Desarrollador : Particle Media Inc.
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- Free download

- Fast and well-selected communication

- Access to many media including medium and small

- Recommendation of local businesses
- Not available in all regions

- Missing improvements in the interface of the comments of the articles

- Presence of commercial notices

- Articles could be improved with images and videos
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