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O Boticário is the ideal application for makeup and cosmetic lovers. With it, you will be able to keep up to date with all the launches and see first-hand the best offers, exclusively for its users.

This novel idea arose in 1977, when the pharmacist Miguel Krigsner invested 3,000 dollars to create his own business, which he installed in a small street in Curitiva with the name of O Boticário, with which he fully defined the spirit he wanted to convey with the business .

Miguel had always had a passion for cosmetics and found in his small business the way to unleash this love. He first created a collagen cream that was used for stretch marks, such as an algae bath shampoo. This was a great success, mainly due to word of mouth, which made him a benchmark and got more and more customers who were looking for these special formulas that he sold.

Thus it has evolved until it reached the brand that it is today, without losing the essence of its beginnings, becoming one of the references in the world of perfumery and cosmetics. Currently you can reach more customers through your mobile application, which you can download for free and you will find available for Android and iOS.

One of the main advantages of O Boticário can be found in its exclusive discounts for being a user of the app. There are many leading companies that work with it, such as Lily, match or Elisée, but at the same time it has its own brand, Boticollection, of good quality and at incredible prices.

The way to use it is very easy, you just have to download it and create an account with which you can start enjoying all its exclusive bargains. Just by doing this simple gesture you will have at your fingertips top reference products in the world of fashion at prices that you will not find anywhere, being affordable for all audiences.

Within it you will have all the products categorized, according to what you are looking for, even dividing it between women, men or children, so that you can find what you need easily without having to see other results that do not serve you. Also, if you want to buy physically, O Boticário has its own stores that you will find in many parts of the country. If you show the app in any of these establishments and you can also enjoy discounted prices, just as you find it online.

O Boticário has several payment methods, choosing the one that best suits you, so that you can buy comfortably and safely. The most common way is to use a credit card, giving the possibility of paying products in installments. The minimum fee is defined by the system itself once we make the purchase in this way and choosing the values ​​that best suit us. But if adding your card is unsafe for you, you have the possibility of selecting the Print Ticket option, with which you can pay your bill through your own bank or through Internet Home Banking. With this model, the payment will be valid on the business day after you made the deposit.

Once the purchase of any item is confirmed, it cannot be canceled, so you have to be very sure of what you are buying and if there is any change in the stock, the application itself will inform you.

Whenever you place an order in O Boticário you can follow its status from the app. In your profile you will find a history with all those you have done previously. In this section you will see the state of your items that you are waiting for to arrive at your house. By entering your zip code you will see the estimated delivery time for your area, depending on the time of year in which you have done it and the region where you are, with the average delivery time being approximately 30 days.

If once the package has arrived, you are not satisfied, the company offers a period for exchanges and returns, which have extended your request up to 15 days after delivery, you only have to contact their customer service and they will quickly They will put to work helping you fix the problem you have. This policy reinforces its commitment to the welfare of its clients, in the words of the company itself.

From the application you can enter her beauty blog, where you will find tricks and tutorials to use certain items in her catalog and that help you keep up to date with all their news. Dare to buy in O boticário from your mobile device and find all your beauty products in one click.

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- You can find all brands in a single application.

- The brands are leading in the sector.

- Their return policy is very easy for the user.

- You can pay without having to enter the credit card.
- Orders can take a long time to arrive.

- The payment is not made effective until one day after the deposit of the money.

- It's only in Portuguese.

- Some offers are only for specific regions.
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O Boticário

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Latest NEWS

O Boticário promotes its new fragrance at an online event

O Boticário promotes its new fragrance at an online event


O Boticário has launched its new fragrance, for the occasion the brand has wanted to surprise its followers and has held an online event in which each of them has been able to make their own version of the product, bringing together people from all over Brazil. This new scent reflects the freshness of mint and the values of the company

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