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There is no other sport as popular as soccer. Throughout the world the game of the ball, of eleven against eleven, of the great teams, of the impossible feats and the stars, is the favorite of millions and millions of people. The amount of leagues, players, games, news and information that is generated around this sport is enormous. It is not easy to know the results of all the matches, but it is not impossible if you use an app as complete and free as OneFootball.
Downloading OneFootball for free is the best option for all those who do not want to miss a detail of what is happening in the world of football. The program can be installed on all operating systems that have Android or iOS. It has no integrated purchases or the presence of annoying notices.

The great advantage of OneFootball is that its interface is very organized and simple to use. The app divides the content in the way you prefer. You can do it by country, league, team or player. Once you configure it, it will keep you up to date on everything that happens around the choice you have made. You can even set up a notification system so that you get alerts when something happens. And the best of all this is that the choice is saved. In this way, every time your team plays, for example, it will notify you so that you can follow everything that happens.

Once the match starts, OneFootball provides you with minute by minute information about everything that happens on the playing field. It will keep you informed about red or yellow cards, shots on goal, throw-ins, opportunities, fouls, offside, saves and all the relevant information of the match. He does the same with lineups, changes and injuries. Below the statistics you will find comments with the summarized actions of what is happening throughout the game. You can also vote at the end of the game who was the best player for you.
If when the match starts you don't know where to watch it, the program offers you a complete guide to the channels that broadcast the match. The service is very useful and works for users in Germany, Brazil, France, Spain, the United States, Italy, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.
No matter what your favorite league or team is, the best international competitions and national leagues are up to date on OneFootball. Among the main international competitions you will find the "Copa Sudamericana", "Copa Libertadores", "Europa League" and "UEFA Champions League". Regarding the national leagues, you will have all the data of La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1. The tournaments of national teams are also covered as World Cups or regional cups.
By using OneFootball you will be able to organize which games to watch during each day since the program has a comfortable and intuitive calendar system that will indicate the date and time of each game to come. You can choose to see your selected teams, the entire league, matches by country or simply choose to show you everything to come. You will not miss any meeting with this application.

Also, if you want to know statistics on the leaderboard, players with the most scores, results as a visitor or home, positions on relegation or promotion, you can also do it. It is very easy to navigate between the tabs to choose what information you want to know.
OneFootball will also bring you all the football news online. Both the program and the official site have a news portal with the latest news. You can also activate alerts to receive everything that happens around your favorite team, player or league.

For those people who want to stay informed about the entire universe of the most important sport on planet earth, this is without a doubt the free app that they should install on their mobiles. It is completely free, it does not bother with advertisements, it allows to configure the content in a simple way, the information arrives at high speed, it has data from practically all the competitions and the most important players.
Do not stay without using one of the most and best developed tools related to the world of football and all its current affairs. Follow your team and your favorite leagues and competitions.

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- Easy to use

- Large amounts of information

- Breaking news

- Alert system
- Some aspects of the interface can be improved

- Sometimes notifications fail

- Some bugs in general operation

- Problems after updates
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