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We live in times in which images, videos and photographs are the content that we consume, send and receive the most. The most important social networks are based on the productions we make in an audiovisual way. Being able to take the best photos is possible thanks to the cameras of advanced mobile phones but it is even better if we have a good online image editor.

If you are one of those people who want their photos to be the ones that I like the most and get comments, Photo Editor is your right tool. You can download Photo Editor for free and find a huge amount of resources, options and functions so that your captures are of quality. You will get professional-type products with just a few adjustments, easy and accessible to any user. The editing program is available for devices with Android operating systems.

One of the main advantages of Photo Editor is that it is very easy to use. You will not have any problem, nor will you find anything complicated when editing your photography. The target audience is very broad since it can be installed by people without prior knowledge who want to improve their images a bit or users with previous knowledge in the field who want to make adjustments to improve the quality of the final product. All the tools and functions of the advanced photo editors for computers, move for easy use on mobile phones.

Among the Photo Editor functions we will find a wide variety of editing alternatives. If you are looking to alter the color of the photo, you can correct the exposure, contrast, temperature, color, hue, or saturation. This will help you highlight details of scenes such as the green of the grass in a field or the gray of a cloudy day. In turn, more detailed adjustment can be made by modifying the RGB channels of the curves and levels.

One of the great phenomena of social networks and that make an image more or less popular are the effects that are applied to it. Photo Editor has a great variety of them and you can apply Lo-Mo, Sepia, black and white, oil paint, pixelation, blur or contrast and automatic tones. All these alternatives allow you to give a brand of originality to your productions, quickly and very easily.

If you want to add funny emojis, funny phrases, objects that have to do with the context of the image or shapes in general, you can do it since the app has a variety of elements to add. Not only that, but you can also add frames, edit pixels, crop the photo, change the dimensions, rotate or clone.

Don't let any detail escape you and perfect your shot with perspective corrections, red-eye removal, white balance, background lighting and lens effect. Each corner of your image can be modified using Photo Editor's powerful touch zoom. The function has up to 4,000 points of magnification.

Forget about formatting problems as you can save in PDF, WebP, GIF, PNG or JPG. Once you have the finished product, you will have the option to save it on the device, on the memory card, share it on social networks, send it by mail, as a text message or define it as the wallpaper or start-up. If you want your image to become an animated GIF, PDF or sticker, you can also do it. Save your memories as you like.

If you enter a website or find yourself in a PDF document from which you want to take a section as an image, the pp has an option to do so.
Let's remember that you can install Photo Editor for free and access a version with advertisements or get the paid version from the settings and the shopping section.

Photo Editor is a highly recommended option for all those followers of good images, photographs and moments. You will access effects that will make your productions very original and with many fans. You do not need to have any prior knowledge to use the large number of effects, functions and tools that this program provides you. Turn your images into those professional photos you always dreamed of.

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- Free download

- Simple use

- Wide variety of options

- Useful for beginners
- Some problems in exporting images

- Problem in general operation

- Too many updates that interrupt its use and proper functioning

- Some options disappear
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