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It has happened to all of us wanting to take a photo and not find the ideal background or that the weather is against you and does not make a day beautiful enough for the final result to be good. There is a solution to this great problem, we present you PICNIC!, the most fashionable mobile application among influencers and photography lovers.

This is one of the best kept secrets of fashion influencers, because all their photos look like perfect postcards and it seems that they are always lucky that their travels have good weather all the time. The vast majority of them, if not all, use mobile apps to make their publications perfect. From now on you will also know it, you will know how to use it and you will become one of them, being the envy of your followers.

Mobile phones have increasingly powerful cameras and the images they take are similar to those that a professional could take. The editing possibilities that we have at our fingertips is impressive and we do not need a studio or specialized programs. With this type of application you will be able to retouch and adjust all levels, applying filters and pasting elements and even changing the skies and giving it a personal touch.

It is the order of the day and there are already millions of people who have tried its advantages at a photographic level or even to mount a virtual picnic, indicating the best place to do it. Download PICNIC! free, you find it available for Android and iOS.

This simple photography app allows you to customize the entire environment around you, you choose, you have full control of the images you take. Not all environments are the same, and depending on which one you choose, your images will transmit one thing or another. Depending on the time of year and the time of day, it will have different shades, which makes it a very difficult element to control, something you can do with PICNIC!

It offers different filters that are in charge of customizing the sky according to the style of photo you give it, modifying all its values, achieving quality results that you will not get with any other application. It has 33 different filters that you can change in intensity for the effects of the image. These vary according to the tones and you will have to choose according to what you need. You have warm colors typical of summer, others in bluish tones with which they transmit cold and the harshest winter.

To start using it, you just have to install it on your mobile device, it's that easy and fast. Now you can start retouching all your images, the first thing you will have to do is choose a photo from your own gallery. All the options you can use will appear on the screen. PICNIC! It will automatically recognize the sky, the lighting and the tones, so you only have to choose the filter and let the app apply it. When you have finished it, you only have to save the result and share it.

It is completely free and you will not have to give more permissions than access to the camera and storage. And you can rest assured, it does not offer purchases within it. In addition, you can share your creations on social networks, without having to open them separately. No matter where you are, with PICNIC! you will pretend that you are anywhere in the world, at a beautiful sunset in Paris or a spring morning in Rome.

Travel virtually around the globe and become a true influencer for your friends and contacts. You also make sure that the weather is not going to be a problem, it will always be perfect!

Download PICNIC! and start experimenting all of them to get a dream photo. Making creative use of the application, the publications will be spectacular and you will get many likes.

This genius of the climate will become your best ally, with PICNIC! It does not matter that you are a good photographer, or that you have a high-end mobile. Anyone can use it and become a professional photo editor. Play with its different filters and create all the environments you can imagine and much more.

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Desarrollador : ESTsoft Corp.
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- It has more than 30 filters.

- You can create special atmosphere.

- You can share on other social networks.

- Covers all the details very well.
- Some filters are repeated.

- When zooming in, pixels are visible.

- There are funds that are not very natural.

- You cannot manually configure the filters.
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