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The goal of technology is to make things easier. Advances in communication discoveries are among the most important for making our daily tasks more accessible and lightweight. Since the development of the internet and mobile phone products the new discoveries and forms of communication have been many and far reaching. One of the most important and most widespread since its inception in the early 90's was the QR Code or Quick Respond Code.

The free app that we want to talk to you about today is one that you can download in all Android and iOS virtual stores that will allow you to access the large number of functions that this type of technology and code enables you. Once we describe them to you, you will discover that it is even more useful, fast and functional than you probably expect. The application that we recommend you to read QR Code is READER OF QR CODE (FREE). QR CODE. This is one of the most popular tools on the web to be able to obtain data in a practical way just by reading this type of code.

Using QR Code is really beneficial both for companies and businesses and for users or consumers. It allows both to provide or access product information in a fast and even hygienic way. That is, no one has to share, for example, the menu of a bar or restaurant. How does the QR Code work? You just get to the place where you want to eat something, open the recommended app, you will have your mobile camera ready and just by pointing to the image of the code, the desired URL will open in your terminal. Important social networks also incorporated this technology such as Snapchat, Shazam or Pinterest.

There are a wide variety of uses for the QR Code. The user can, for example, access a contact card and information from a business; you can call a phone line directly without dialing it; you will have the possibility to access a Wifi network; you can send or receive an SMS, if you want to send an email you can also do it automatically; you will have the option to add events to your preferred calendar app; add personal data cards or, one of the most common uses, enable access to web pages.
As we said, the history of the QR Code began in 1994 and was created by a company that worked for the Toyota car firm. The elaboration came as a result of an investigation that was carried out to improve the speeds of access to information. This type of code is similar to, and in part an evolution, of the barcode.

How to detect a QR Code? Well, it will be very easy since they always tend to have the same form for those of us who are users of this communication method. They are usually found in a black and white square box that we will have to identify with our camera. Remember that one of the most popular, fast and responsive apps for this task is READER DE CODE QR (FREE). QR CODE. The tool, in addition to being highly responsive, allows you to share codes, search for them and even save them in a history. This is very useful since you will not have to take the QR Code over and over again to enter the URL that interests you. Without a doubt, one of the highest points of the digital tool that can be downloaded for free.

The QR Code is one of the most important advances in communication and demonstrates in a very effective way how is the step by step and the evolution of a revolutionary technology. From being an invention made by a private party, it became a very popular and widely used current success. It is without a doubt the future of the vast majority of shops and businesses. Downloading an app like the "Reader Qr Code" will make a task easier for you and in just a second you will realize the benefit it means.
The fast access to URLs, contact cards, SMS, email boxes, prominent information and the infinity of data that can be issued quickly with this technology, will undoubtedly revolutionize communications as we know them.

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- Free download

- Access to a large amount of information

- Universal use
- Does not work on all devices

- You have to scan again and again

- May have delays

- Security issues
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