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There are more and more uses for your mobile phone, it is a reality that we live with it in hand and use it for the most daily tasks, such as command to change the channel on television. Turn your phone into a control center with the Roku app. Not only will it serve you to change the television, with it you will be able to get the domain of all the devices you have.

Download Roku free, you find it available for Android and iOS, and start enjoying the convenience it offers you by not needing so many devices, with just one you will have everything you need.

Compatible with your Roku TV and with all the brand's devices, the app has the same buttons for all of them, to make it much easier for you to use it. You just have to choose the one you want to use and do it. It is a standard remote control, with the most used options such as play, pause, forward and backward, repeat and many more.

You also find a virtual keyboard with which you can enter text quickly just by typing on the screen that appears. With a minimalist interface, it is very fast and fluid to use, designed to be used with different platforms. Its menu has the essential options to use it and not waste time searching throughout the application.

Download Roku and start using it without problems, the first thing you will have to do is configure your devices, this way when you start it it will recognize you and you will not have to enter it manually every time you want to use it. Enter any streaming channel that you have installed and click on the OK button.

To change the channel or any of its options, you will do everything by sliding and touching on the screen, which you can configure as you want and choose to show you more or less options.

The main screen of Roku shows you the channels you have contracted and right next to it you will find a virtual store of others if you want to continue adding more to your list. At the bottom you will find the main tools that will help you control it. Among them we find one that will show you everything that is being broadcast live, such as programming, so you won't need to change channels to decide what to watch. With a small miniature of each of them, you will have them all on a single page and to choose you just have to click on the one you choose.

The middle button is the Remote button, this is where it will turn your phone into a remote control. You can also save screenshots of programs in this application, with a whole section for this in which you will also find photographs of series, movies, etc., and a lot of funds to personalize your account. The last control is the configuration control, with which you can customize all aspects of the app, from here you can change the wallpaper of your TV and from time to time it updates its images to offer thematic backgrounds.

Roku has a search engine capable of finding any content you want, it will also show you information about the contents, channels and even the protagonists of what you are watching, even being able to search for it by voice, so you don't have to type.

With the free Roku application you can feel free to listen to television at the volume you want, choosing the option to Listen privately. Just plug your headphones into the phone and crank up the audio as loud as you like. The rest of the people who are with you will continue to listen to it directly from the television and will continue to enjoy it at the normal volume it is at. Up to three friends can be added to this functionality at the same time by connecting their own phones.

Roku has become the main competition for Android and this can be seen in that Smart TVs include both operating systems. Both have a good number of apps available and they have the most popular ones to enjoy the main streaming services, in addition to not stopping updating to continue improving.

If you have devices of the brand, this is the perfect application. It will provide you with a large number of resources that will make watching television a totally new experience than what you have done so far. Download Roku and start enjoying all its benefits.

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- Voice search.

- It shows you what is broadcasting live on all your favorite channels.

- Private listening.

- You can customize it.
- Voice search is not available to everyone.

- It has few channels.

- Can only be used on brand devices.

- Does not configure well with certain devices.
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