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Among the traditions of our lives that technology changed, one of the most important is the way we look for work. Gone are the times when the pages of newspapers or posters were carefully looked at in the streets. There are no longer long lines with a CV in hand and the recommendations by friends or family are less and less. In the information age we have a wide variety of free apps to find a job.

The Brazilian Government is one of the most important when it comes to developing applications, programs, platforms and virtual tools to get closer to its citizens and make daily life a little easier and more accessible. Among the apps available for Android and iOS operating systems is SINE Fácil. The platform depends on the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and joins other digital proposals produced by the Brazilian official administration such as "Meu Inss - Central", "Meu", "CPF Digital", "Tesouro Direto", "Sinesp Cidadão ”,“ MEI ”and“ eSocial Doméstico ”.

Downloading SINE Fácil will make your job searches much easier and more accessible. The digital platform of the Ministry of Labor allows you quick access just by generating an access code and accessing the official portal. Job proposals, contracts and candidatures are given within the framework of the “Sistema Nacional de Emprego” (Sine). Those who can register in the program are those over 14 who have their corresponding social security number registered.
In addition to performing all kinds of searches with a variety of filters, SINE Fácil allows you to check the status of your employment contract at the moment. All access to information is very simple, agile and straightforward. Forget about the complications to access your employment information.
The first thing we will have to do to use SINE Fácil is to be registered and registered. To achieve the registration we can do it through the official website of the organization (, through the app using a QR code or in person at the offices that are closest to our Location.
Once we have all the necessary records and identifications we will have to fill in our profile. This is very important as it will be the image that the searches and job offers of SINE Fácil obtain of us and our user. We will build the "Professional Profile" in this way.
The next step that we must take into account to obtain a job is to look for proposals that are consistent and are relatively close to our location. The options that will be shown to us are those that best suit the characteristics of our training and profile. Once we get a notice that we consider suitable, we must press the button I want this vacancy.

After that comes the moment of the interview where a comfortable system allows you to schedule and check the times and places where the meetings will take place. Remember that the meeting will be the key to getting the job or not.
SINE Fácil has another very important point to highlight and that is the possibility of finding work in any city, not necessarily the one where the job is. If there are vacancies according to the user's professional profile in locations a little far from where they are, there will be no problem since they can also apply for those positions. The person who applies can configure on which territories he wants the job proposals to be sent.

The digital tool of the Ministry of Labor is one of the most recommended platforms to look for work in Brazil. SINE Fácil will open the doors to a wide variety of job offers that can help you provide a good future and stability for your family.
The variety of configurations, filters, options and advantages that this app has makes a process that once could have been very tedious become simple, fast and accessible to everyone. The possibility of coordinating interviews, checking the personal employment situation or looking for offers in other locations opens the doors for the process of managing the working life of each citizen to be a comfortable and smooth task.

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Desarrollador : Governo do Brasil
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- Allows job search in different cities

- Coordination of interviews

- Control of employment contracts

- Good interface
- Need more updates

- Many forms to register

- Some problems in operation

- More information labels could be added
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SINE Fácil

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