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Participate in security matters in the different cities of the country
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Technology at the service of citizens, States and Governments. The development of technical advances has allowed public administrations to considerably improve the benefits they provide to people. Around the world, a great variety of organizations and public entities develop free applications so that their tasks are carried out quickly, easily and agilely. Sinesp Cidadão is a good example of a government's work on how to use mobile technology to solve one of the most important problems for Brazilians, such as security.

Sinesp Cidadão is an app available for mobile devices that use Android and iOS operating systems. It is a digital platform developed by the “Sistema Nacional de Informações de Segurança Pública - Sinesp” in charge of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security led by André Mendonça. The digital tool joins others developed by the Brazilian Government such as “MEU INNS- Central”, “Meu”, “CPF Digital”, “Tesouro Direto” and “Mei.” The administration of the largest country in South America has developed a large number of mobile programs in order to facilitate procedures and public tasks.

By downloading Sinesp Cidadão the user will have access to all the benefits of the National Secretariat of Public Security. In principle we could say that the app is divided into three main categories. One is vehicles, the other is arrest warrants and finally the one corresponding to missing persons.
In relation to vehicles, the digital platform of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security enables people to check the legal status of a car. This function is useful both to report claims and to monitor the situation of a vehicle before buying it. It is always good to avoid unwanted surprises. You can control general information, report if there is a theft or find out if the data of the car is duplicated.
Another advantage of Sinesp Cidadão is that it provides information on citizens' legal situations regarding possible arrest warrants. Any query that the information is made is obtained directly from the "National Bank of Mandados de Prisão do Conselho Nacional de Justiça - BNMP / CNJ;".
With regard to the situation of disappeared persons, with Sinesp Cidadão users can search for individuals who are in this condition and check the information with Sinesp Infoseg. The agency contains complaints of this type registered by the Civil Police of the Participating States.
For each of the options you can add photos or view images in order to provide more and better information to the search or complaint. In turn, to consult about people with arrest warrants, you will have access to information about the most wanted in the country. If you see someone, you can call 190 or connect with the authorities through the application.

The well-being of cities is pursued when using Sinesp Cidadão. The application developed by the agency in charge of Mendonça gives citizens the chance to report on any problem in the care of cities in general. It can be reported on failures in the power lines or indicate if in public places graffiti was done on the walls. For each option, the alternative of adding images is enabled.
It is very important to inform that in order to use the digital tool of the Brazilian Government, you must be registered on the official site of the public administration. The address of the portal is The objective of carrying out this subscription is for people to make a correct and responsible use of Sinesp Cidadão.

This is a very useful and well-designed virtual tool. The functions that the app of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security offers are really beneficial for all citizens. It is important to highlight that the use of the platform must be carried out with a large share of responsibility on the part of the people since Sinesp Cidadão works with sensitive issues such as security, justice, disappearances or arrest warrants. Technology, once again, benefits societies with its advances.

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Desarrollador : Governo do Brasil
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- Very useful service

- Easy to use

- Allows the use of images

- Speeds up procedures
- The database may take time to update

- If it is used badly it can bring big problems

- You have to be registered to use it

- Some general malfunctions
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Sinesp Cidadão

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