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Starting in 2020, remote work experienced a significant increase. Virtually every office and job in the world moved their employees into their homes to carry on with their duties. While many of the firms already had well-oiled communication systems and online work, others had to find free applications to improve and optimize communication between their teams.
One of the most used apps and platforms since its inception in 2013 for these purposes is Slack. The program is a powerful application that allows communication, file management and connection between members of a team. It is easy to use, simple and intuitive. It has payment plans but it can also be downloaded for free for computers, Android and iOS.

Using Slack is adding a very useful, simple and complete tool to your work environment. It is simple because all those who use it will feel comfortable when exchanging the messages or files that are necessary. You can even create channels to better organize the themes of each team, project or plans to be developed. The channels are identified with a hashtag and messages can be exchanged in that window on a specific topic.
Accessing Slack will be very easy for everyone since it has versions for computers (both in the browser and in downloadable program format) and for mobile phones. But also, as we mentioned earlier, the app is very complete since it is possible to synchronize it with a large number of tools and programs. It can be integrated with platforms such as Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox or Outlook tools. It can also be configured together with apps developed internally in your company. You will be able to organize the entire workflow in the way you want and the way that works best for your business.

Among the advantages of Slack we can mention the possibility of sharing, collecting and receiving all kinds of files, whether they are audio, video or images. On the other hand, it supports voice and video calls which will make it easier for you to contact peers or clients.
Large firms have placed their vote of confidence in this platform, which makes it one of the most used, secure and reliable in the market. Among the outstanding companies we find Ameritrade, Uber, one medical, Oracle and Time.

We are now going to review Slack's prices so that you know what options are available to you when using the service. If you want to access the last 10,000 messages from your users, have 10 integrations with other apps such as Office 365 or Dropbox and individual or group calls, you can install Slack for free.
If you want to have all the history of what is spoken in the chat, integrations with other tools without limits, calls with up to 15 people and collaboration with alternative external spaces, you can pay € 6.25 per month. This is the ideal plan for small and medium businesses.
In the case of belonging to a somewhat larger firm that requires a higher level of administration tasks, you can pay € 11.75 on a monthly basis and access a login with advanced security and identity protection, export all the message history and a customer service available 24 hours to give you technical support if you need it.
For large firms or those that carry out their activity in regulated sectors, a special rate can be paid to obtain the maximum service that includes, among other things, the possibility of adding 500,000 users, centralized controls and assistance exclusively dedicated to your company.

We are facing a scenario where, without a doubt, using a service and a tool like Slack is essential for the proper functioning of our work environment. The platform enables performance to be optimized in many aspects, both in the exchange of information within the company and in the relationship with external agents or the management and advice on security controls.
From both the employees 'and the employers' perspectives, we have a fast, simple and highly productive platform available. The convenient channel system allows a very useful organization to help keep track of projects, teams or proposals. No matter the size of your business or company, Slack is an indispensable app for you.

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- Easy to use

- Integration with other apps

- Sending of all types of files

- Internationally recognized
- Some problems in the mobile version

- Does not register notifications

- Many channels generate dispersion

- Information may be lost
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