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Music applications are always present in our lives, being one of the most used, they accompany us in many moments and keep us company with our favorite songs. It has happened to all of us that a melody sounds somewhere on the radio, television or in a store and you don't know what it is because we liked it and we want to listen to it in full or keep it saved. If it has happened to you, there are apps that help you and become your best ally to identify the issue.

The best known is undoubtedly Shazam, but there is another alternative that is just as accurate and is full of features to help you with what you need. Download SoundHound for free, and turn your mobile into a music center. You find it available for Android and iOS.

It is a very interesting application and one of those jewels that you find if you search well. With a mode of use very similar to Shazam, it fulfills many of the functions that this one does, but it also allows you to search for a song that you sing to it directly, depending on how close you get, and your humming musical skills, the app will tell you what topic is about.

Try this fun method, install SoundHound on your mobile device and launch it. It's that easy, you just have to press a button and let your phone listen to what is playing and try to decipher it. After a few seconds it will tell you what it is. It is so fast and the results are so accurate that you will be amazed at the results.

It does not matter if there is background noise, it will still distinguish the music you want, it seems magic but in reality it works through algorithms. This differentiates the shades and compares them to the other results you have in your database. All apps of this type have the same operation in reality, extracting information from your sample and an app that allows you to interact with those things.

Its database has a massive collection of melodies that works like the fingerprints of those songs that follow unique sound patterns for each one of them. This fingerprint is what it creates to register it in its library, which it compares with the rest that already exist. If it matches any part of a song, it will show you the result, if not, it will produce an error.

It is a totally free application, but it also has a paid Premium version. With this you will have a series of advantages such as unlimited searches, with a price of € 4.99.

With the listens you do, you will not only find the specific song, it will also show you information about the artist, the album it is on, even the next concert in which you can enjoy it live. Download SoundHound, where in the information on the subject we can see that we will also have all the lyrics of the song available on the screen, so you can sing at the same time if you want.

Its use is very manageable, with a very intuitive interface, which will ensure that you do not get lost browsing it. In its menu you will find all the functions that will help you.

For music fans, it is a delight. One of the advantages of SoundHound is found in the use of humming to distinguish songs, it is something that no other application does and makes it unique.

The first thing you will find when you open it for the first time is a large orange button that is the only thing you will need to make it work. At the top there is a search engine, with which you can find results directly by entering specific themes or artists, without the need for you to listen to anything. On the contrary, on the lower side are the three options that record your History, which will be very useful to avoid having to search for the same topic in the future. If there are any that it could not find, it will save it to pending work. The last, where you will see a list of the songs most listened to, the most shared and those essential, and the Update button.

As with other apps, in SoundHound you have the possibility to share your results with all your contacts in other social networks, since it has full integration with Facebook, or buy the theme directly from Amazon, just by clicking on the shopping cart that you appears on the same screen.

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- Identify the songs very well.

- Recognize humming.

- Shows the lyrics of the songs.

- Integrates with Facebook and Amazon.
- Send random results.

- There are songs that are not linked to the history.

- It takes a long time to start.

- You don't recognize humming well.
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