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With Status you won't miss any of the online television programming and all the live football. In a single application you will find the guide of all the channels and thus know in advance everything you can see, without having to change. But not only do you find programs and movies, you also have at your fingertips all the results of the matches and the schedules of future days.

You can find the Status application to download for free in the main digital stores such as the App Store, where you can find it for Android devices. It has more than 250 million downloads, making it one of the favorite options for viewers.

You will also find a news section in it, where you can keep up to date with the latest news, both from the world of television and the beautiful game, football. In addition, from the app itself you can mark your favorite programs, with which you will be notified of any news that happens, so you do not miss anything.

With a very simple interface, you find everything you are looking for at hand. You do not need to register, you only have to install it on your mobile device and start enjoying all the advantages it offers you. When you open it for the first time, the first thing you will find is all the programming, if you go down the screen you will see all the channels it has and if you move to the sides you will see those that have already been broadcast on the left, and towards the right those who have not yet left, with their schedules. If you click on any of them, all the detailed information will appear, with their protagonists, their start and end time, etc. The way to group them is according to time bands, so it is easier to move according to the time you want to see.

If it stands out for something and this makes it one of the main advantages of Status, it is its simplicity. The way to use it is very easy for the user, always looking for comfort and everything will be found in one click, without using any button on the device, everything is by pressing or sliding.

At the bottom it also has a menu with 4 sections where you will find different content. In the first you have the television channels and all their programming, in the second you have all the news that is currently in it, you have to keep in mind that they are always being updated, so the news will go down in the list that it shows. The third option is one of the favorites of its users, soccer, and the fourth is mini-games with which you can also play and have fun.

Within news, at the top you will find all the content it has categorized, so that you do not get lost looking at all the programming and you can choose a specific topic. We find different sections such as world, technology, entertainment, etc.

In the football section you will discover all the matches that are being played live, with all the information you want about the most important leagues in Brazil. On this screen you will see an overview, in which at a single glance you can be aware of the result of all the games at the same time, at what time you can see it and where it is being played. But if you click on any of them, another tab will open and here you will be able to see in detail all the actions that are taking place in the game. Like the players, cards and scorers. Follow your soul team through the Status app and don't miss a thing.

Status is a guide that will allow you to know the information of the main channels in Brazil, being able to save your favorites and thus find them quickly. You can also create an alarm so that the application itself reminds you of a program or event you want to see. This is very useful for football matches, since you will not have to keep an eye on your mobile all the time, every time something happens, it is the device itself that alerts you.

If you are a lover of television and football this is your application, download Status and make it your main ally to keep up to date and not miss anything.

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Desarrollador : GVD Softwares
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- You have all the important channels in Brazil.

- Football matches are in real time.

- Very fast event notifications.

- You can point out your favorite shows
- Lots of publicity.

- Notifications can overlap.

- News categorization does not work well.

- Some programs are not detailed.
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