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Updated 14.08.2020

Study The Great Nation is an educational application created by the Chinese Political Party in which you will find news and articles to learn about the political and social situation in China. He also has a series of tests with which to earn points and become an exemplary citizen of the Asian country

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Study The Great Nation, in Chinese Xuexi Qiangguo, is an app developed by the government of the People's Republic of China, which has had great success in the country, becoming one of the most downloaded, with more than 100 million downloads according to sources. officers. It is an educational application that offers news and articles for those who want to learn more about their political situation and so that the citizens of the region are always informed of the current situation of their president, although what you can see in small print is an attempt to strengthen ideological control in the digital age and maintain party power.

Its main content is the study of thought Xi Jinping, the chief secretary of China, very popular with the Chinese people, hence the fact that it even surpasses Tiktok or Wechat according to Apple statistics. He compiles material from his various writings and touches on the ideology, morals, and values ​​of the modern communist party in the country. It also presents a new vision and a guide to the political doctrine of the party in the modern world.

Study The Great Nation is designed by the Alibaba Group and can be downloaded for free, you find it available for Android and iOS, and its operation is very simple. The only thing you have to do is download it and register, in this way you can create your profile within the application and once there is a point scale system.

You can earn them based on completing a series of activities that are marked from the Study The Great Nation app and depending on how well you are doing. You can test what you have learned by passing some exams that test the lessons in each of them.

The tests in Study The Great Nation are not difficult, you can easily improve your percentage, such as watching a video of a press conference by the president or correctly answering some questions about the country's economy. It is the same government that encourages its citizens to download and use the app and those who do not use it correctly or do not have a high percentage of their ratings, are forced to write reports on why it is not using it well. In the app you will also find TV series "Xi TIME" where it suggests different feelings and points that will lead to the construction of the Chinese dream. In it you can see a catalog of programs and television series where you will learn the history of the Communist Party of China.

Many have compared it to Mao's Red Book, but using the latest technology and at your fingertips, and many citizens compulsively play the application to continue adding and being the best citizens for their country.

Study The Great Nation has a video chat in which you can make video calls with your friends in complete safety that your data will not be used and send messages that will be automatically deleted.

It has recently been used for Chinese journalists to test their loyalty by downloading it and testing their knowledge of the regime. These tests can also be performed by users, since it is located on the platform. Its download and use is mandatory for public workers, making their wages depend on the use, or not, of it. Study sessions are organized in order to improve and the jobs have reached the point of classifying their workers according to their score, awarding the best with the title of Star Student. The obsession with this app has reached such a point that companies ask for daily screenshots to keep their data updated on the points that each one has.

Study The Great Nation has been embroiled in controversy for its high collection and transmission of user data, considering itself an unsafe app to keep the privacy of your community. Using technologies for tracking and scanning of others that you have installed on your mobile and thus know all your movements. Basically spy on your device.

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Category : Apps
Desarrollador : Alibaba Group
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-This is a learning app.

-Corresponds to the political course in the country.

-You can accumulate points.

- You can know the social situation of the country.
- It is political in nature.

- Unclear application code.

- They force citizens to use it.

- Collects a large amount of user data.

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