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Updated 14.08.2020

Ubisoft brings us its platform to play, install and download games without any limits. With Uplay we can subscribe to the digital library of French studios and thus have many hours of entertainment. In addition Uplay is complemented by the free mobile app Ubisoft Club which includes great benefits

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If there is something something we have become accustomed to in our times it is to be able to play for free and whenever we want to our favorite titles. Having unrestricted access to the most prominent games and applications on the market is a privilege and the company Ubisoft knows it. For this reason, the French firm that was born in 1986, developed its access platform for on-demand games Uplay.
The Ubisoft catalog is one of the most relevant among those available in the console and computer environment. To mention some of his acclaimed and award-winning sagas we find: Far-Cry, For Honor, Assasin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six and The Division. Franchises that each have a good number of editions, extra content and deliveries that have been recognized by both the public and specialized critics.

Downloading Uplay will give us unlimited access to each of the versions of those games and much more. The digital library contains all the Ubisoft products, this includes the latest news as well as classics that were very difficult to access until the arrival of the service. It is an excellent option to discover deliveries that made history or for those who are nostalgic to enjoy them again.

The platform also provides access to all DLCs and expansions as well as the chance to get news, demos and releases in advance. With Uplay, players will get great discounts at Ubisoft to buy their favorite games.

Playing in Uplay is very simple. Once we register as users we will have a friendly interface with the best titles and their covers. Among the main alternatives we will have a news part, a games part, a store part and another that can change depending on the titles that are close to their releases. Those games that have the Uplay + symbol enabled can be completely installed on our computer or sent to consoles. The service works best for those users who use their computers to play. The quality of the graphics in the titles is not altered in any way when you download the products from the site.

Another advantage of Uplay that we found is that the tool offers us detailed information on the experience we have as players in each installment. For example, we will have the possibility of obtaining information on statistics and achievements, which in turn can be shared with other members of the community. It is also possible to get exclusive news of the game that interests us along with challenges and rewards only available to service members.

The platform is complemented by the free app that Ubisoft offers for Android and iOS operating systems. The app is called Ubisoft Club and it syncs perfectly with Uplay. With Ubisoft Club we will be able to access all the news on our mobile as well as exclusive challenges, rewards and missions for members. It will allow us to have control of the experience of each of the titles at all times. 700 unpublished objects are offered for the more than 90 products that the company has in its library.

Ubisoft Club has the presence of the new assistant bot Sam. With Sam you will be able to manage in the best way the entire experience of the challenges, missions and stories of your favorite titles. You can also share the entire experience with your friends since the Ubisoft community is very large given the popularity of its releases. In order not to miss any of the latest news on games like Assasin's Creed, Far Cry or Rainbow Six, you can activate notifications on your mobile phone to be ready as soon as a new mission is launched.

Uplay is one of the great services available to access the best games. Having the opportunity to play recognized franchises in an unlimited way will grant an experience that the most intense users will value and enjoy in a great way. Making a single expense annually instead of buying title by title will save you a lot of money. In addition, the possibility of downloading the special mobile app will help you have access to the latest news, challenges and rewards that cannot be missed.

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Category : Apps
Desarrollador : Ubisoft
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- Access to a wide catalog.

- Modern and classic titles.

- Exclusive access to news.

- Extra content included.
- It takes a good amount of space to download the games.

- If you do not spend many hours you do not get prizes for playing.

- High price if offers are not taken advantage of.

- A powerful computer is required.

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