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There is something that many of us do not worry about and we should. We all have some kind of connection in our homes. With it we connect to the internet and use our favorite streaming services, browsers, games and applications. There is a lot of data that we deposit in each one of the programs that we use and that is why it is necessary that we dedicate ourselves to protecting our network. Although we have passwords and certain security protocols, they can always be violated and that is why we recommend downloading WpsApp.

WpsApp is a free app available for mobile phones that use Android operating systems. The company that developed the tool is The Mau Soft, who also have Minesweeper - Virus Seeker in their catalog.
Although you can download The Mau Soft program at no cost, the specialized security tool also has a payment option called WPSApp Pro and has a value of € 0.99.

Although understanding how WPSApp works may sound complex at first, we will try to explain it to you so that you understand why it is one of the best proposals that you have available in your virtual store at your fingertips.
Using WpsApp will control whether your connection environment has threats or not, using what is known as Wi Fi Protected Setup (WPS). What this type of protection does, in a few words, is to identify and join the device that tries to connect with its network environment. Something that many users do not pay attention to and can be vital to their safety online.

All routers (the devices that are used for network connections) make use of passwords and protocols with WPS. This means that specialists in the field can get the numbers with which the devices generate the connections.
The Mau Soft app accesses all the passwords that your device uses and lets you know whether or not it is actually trustworthy. The process to activate it is really simple and will not cost you any effort.
The first thing that WPSApp will do once you put it to work is to detect and scan the networks that are close to our device. Those marked in red are the ones that are considered secure, they do not have WPS and therefore the password cannot be detected.

Then, when activating the app, we will find some networks that have a question mark next to them. Of this type of connections it is not possible to register what IP number they have (the unique identification number of all the connections) but it will enable you to find which are the most common.
In the case that when performing this scan a network has a green check mark next to the name, it means that its WPS is activated and the IP number is known. If when you carry out this action, your network appears in green, it is recommended that you make a password or configuration change. The reason is that your WPS is activated and can be easily decrypted and your security compromised.

It is very important to note that the use to be made of this application must comply with the law. That is, you have to use it to check the security of your connection and not to carry out attacks on other virtual environments. Any action of this type is penalized by the law of each country.
As we mentioned before, WPSApp can be downloaded for free but it contains commercial notices and advertisements. If you do not intend to see these types of interruptions any more, you can pay for the PRO version and be able to use all the functions without interruptions.
We are facing one of the most useful tools to guarantee the security and protection of your network environments. With a very simple, agile and accessible proposal, you can make a protection control that can protect you from unwanted attacks or intruders on your network.
The security and protection of our virtual environments is very important if we consider all the data that we provide, send and receive while we are connected. Using WpsApp is very beneficial and must be done carefully and responsibly.

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Desarrollador : TheMauSoft
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- Easy to use

- Free download

- Protect your network

- Good interface
- Advertising notices

- In some models it does not work

- It may have delays in responding

- It can be dangerous if it is not put to good use
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