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This new app was released last June and since its launch, many have chosen it as an alternative to others. She has known how to stand up to large companies such as Spotify or Apple Music, who for the moment reign but who know that they have a tough competitor in front of them. Google Play Music has passed away and has a substitute, Youtube Music. This new application becomes Google's official platform to play audio and there are already many users who have started the change, moving their entire music library from one to another.

YouTube Music has a database of around 50 million songs, this is achieved by combining the music licenses it has and the audio of the videos that are uploaded to its social network. It is the one that has the most minutes of playback, far ahead of its rivals. In it you find themes that others do not have, such as the independent and amateur genre. This is because these musicians have uploaded their home videos and thus have become part of their music application.

It can be used in both the computer and mobile version, the latter can be downloaded for free and you find it available for Android and iOS devices. Both share an interface, so you can use them without fear of losing anything, it is very intuitive, very similar to the one found in Spotify, in which we can easily find anything you are looking for. You can customize it with themes that it suggests itself and a lot of content that it offers divided into rows so that you can choose lists already created, such as news, thematic playlists, recommended videos, etc.

You can tell that it shares data with YouTube about your account, because in the list of suggested songs, Your mixtape, songs that adapt to you and your personal tastes will appear from the first time you enter.

On the home page we will have two main indexes that will be used to manage the entire application, one of them is Hotlist, which will show you the most popular content of the moment, and the other is Library, where the songs we have listened to will be saved. recently and from where you can navigate to discover new songs on the lists, albums or artists you want.

It has a search function that will help you find something directly without having to go diving through its database, it is quite complete and the first thing it will show you is a result recommended by YouTube Music, the topic that it thinks is the one that you're looking for and then it shows you the rest of the results grouped by categories of albums, videos, artists, songs and many more.

One of the most important parts is the player, which you will find at the bottom of the screen. In it, apart from the controls, we will find information about what we are listening to, such as the title, the artist and the cover. Right next to it we will find two buttons, with which we will indicate whether we like the song or not, making the platform much more fun.

YouTube Music has many points in its favor, among the main advantages we can highlight its content catalog, in which music and video are combined to increase the number of songs it offers. This is noticeable in that on many occasions, if we play a song in full screen we realize that what we are actually seeing is a video clip. In the application it will ask us if we want to see the video or only play the melodies, being able to choose between the two options.

Google has taken into account the opinion of its users for the creation of YouTube Music, improving many points where its predecessor failed, such as in the control of playback. Until now, if you wanted to change the subject, you could only do it if the controls appeared on the screen but it is no longer necessary, it is much simpler, with a single gesture on the cover we can do it. This function is something that its users have been asking for for a long time and one of the reasons why they preferred other platforms, which did have it.

YouTube Music has the option of being able to use it for free, with advertising, or its paid version. It is a service that we can combine with our YouTube Premium profile for € 11.99 per month or contract it independently for € 9.99 per month, offering a free trial period of three months to investigate and decide if you like it or not .

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- Being able to watch videos from the application itself.

- Custom Playlists with the videos you have already seen on YouTube.

- YouTube has 50 million songs.

- You find genres and independent artists difficult to find in others.
- Many advertisements in the free version.

- The audio quality is poor.

- Few account configuration options.

- It does not show you details of the artists.
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How to transfer all your music to Youtube Music


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