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YouTube joins the offer of streaming services and live television broadcasts, for this it has launched its YouTube TV product which since March 2019 in the United States has been a real rival for other platforms such as DirectTV Now, Sling TV or Hulu Plus Live TV.

You can find the YouTube TV application to download for free for Android and iOS devices, being available in the main virtual stores, Google Play Store and App Store. Its main difference with the rest of the platforms is that it does not come from a company that has historically been dedicated to the television business, on the contrary, it is a service that offers products that can be made by consumers themselves.

Although its great premiere was in 2019, it is true that the first time it saw the light was in 2017, when it was available in certain parts of the American geography. After its expansion, Google has produced data that shows that YouTube TV is available to 98% of all households in the United States alone, covering almost all of its territory.

The great advantage of YouTube TV is that it is an independent product, you will not have to install other company applications to see it, it is found separately. This also means that by the mere fact of entering YouTube you will not be able to see it, being limited in the number of devices that are compatible. But do not panic, you will find it for Android TV and Chromecast, also for the fourth version of Apple TV.

One of its characteristics is that it allows you to store all the content you want to have in your cloud. This is something that other platforms do not allow or restrict to a time before removing it automatically. YouTube TV lets you keep it for up to nine months. One of the downsides of this DVR is that it prefers to archive shows rather than things you've recorded, without omitting advertising. This is something the company is already working on to improve the experience of its users.

Enjoy its extensive catalog that does not stop growing, offering live channels and recorded programs, with a subscription price of $ 50 per month, with a free trial period of seven days. Among the channels that you can watch online are the Discovery Channel, Food Network and other news channels such as CNN, ESPN, ABC, as well as others as well known as Fox, TNT and NBC. To all these you can add others for a small price, such as AMC Premiere for $ 5 per month or NBA League Passa for $ 40 per month.

This streaming service seems designed specifically to be viewed through a mobile device, making it a unique experience. Download YouTube TV and start watching its content. By scrolling through their live channels, you will find a preview of what is currently being broadcast, which makes it very easy to decide on what to watch.

Regardless of the type of devices you are using, they all share the same interface, easy and intuitive, in which you will only have to enter a Home screen, where they recommend videos on demand and what is being broadcast live. You have the Library option to see all your DVR recordings and those programs that you have scheduled to be saved and watch them later. If what you want is to see something without knowing what, just click on the Live section, here a guide will tell you everything they are giving online. One of its positive points is that you have the ability to watch up to three programs simultaneously without any problem.

By subscribing to the platform you will also have access to YouTube Red, where you will find all the content produced exclusively by the company, such as its series and movies. To which we must add that everything you see has a high image quality, with clear videos. This registration allows you to enable up to six different accounts, all with their own profile, content, recommendations, and their own cloud storage.

YouTube TV is an alternative for all those who consume television via telephone and for those who like original YouTube content. At the moment there is no news of the expansion worldwide, depending on the licenses that each chain has in each of the different countries.

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- It has more than 30 channels to watch live.

- your DVR in the cloud is kept for 9 months.

- You can link it to YouTube Red.

- It is independent of the YouTube challenge.
- Solo guarda programas.

- La calidad de vĂ­deo baja.

- La transmisiones en directo pueden fallar.

- Solo para productos de Estados Unidos.
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