Challenge the genie and see if he can guess the character
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In addition to all the useful tools and programs that our mobiles offer us, we can also access fun games and applications. Both the Android store and the iOS store have a large catalog of fun proposals. Among them we find Akinator the game made by Elokence.
If we want to get into an original, entertaining and intelligent adventure we have to download Akinator. If you enjoy question and answer games, riddles or mental tests, the app developed by Elokence is a great option for you. You have the possibility to download for free and get advertisements during the games, or you can become Akinator VIP, where you will not have advertisements to watch. The value is € 4.59. However, the free version also features in-app purchases.

How do you play Akinator? Well, very easy. The objective is to interact with a friendly fortune teller in sultan clothes who claims to have all the knowledge in the world. We will have to defeat him thinking about animals, objects or celebrities and that he can guess them. All the player has to do is answer a series of merely guiding questions.
As Akintor with us guesses answers we can collect them. Depending on the score we obtain, we will receive what are known as “Aki Awards”, emblems that are awarded to us according to our performance.

Other advantages of Akinator are that the game is updated daily and that it is available in a wide variety of languages. The unreleased material that is added day by day is known as daily challenges and they are special characters that add to the puzzles. They are 5 mysterious figures and you participate in the Aki Daily Challenge Gold Award or a prestigious Aki Award. Regarding the available languages, the Elokence delivery can be enjoyed in 16 different languages ​​such as: Chinese, English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish or Portuguese among others.

In order to make playing Akinator more challenging, the app allows a user registration system so that we can follow all our progress. You will have access to the points you make, the "Aki Awards" you receive and the objects you have made. If you change your mobile device, you will have your account still valid so you will not lose any of your progress.
One of the tricks to earn more points and better emblems in the app is that you can try to get the genius to respond to characters that no one has been able to find for a long time. There are a series of answers that are almost forgotten, that if you can make the genius guess them will give you important prizes and recognitions.

Achieving the highest number of points will not only give you a lot of satisfaction but it will also allow you to participate in the world ranking of players. Try to take your name to the top and compete against other geniuses like you. You can leave your name in the Hall of Fame or in the Last Super Awards.
The aesthetic section is also taken care of and you can customize the entire Akinator environment as you like. You can change the background or the outfit of the genie. There are appearances of a pop singer, cowboy or vampire. A wide variety of items are available to let your imagination run wild. You have 13 outfits and 12 hats that you can mix and match as you like.

Akinator supports that players actively participate in what is happening in the app by uploading photos or taking videos. You have the possibility to propose answers. In turn, for the little ones the safe play option is enabled.
Remember that to use the application you must have some type of connection, either to Wi-Fi or to a data package plan. Akinator is one of the most entertaining, original and well-crafted proposals on the market. Not many games focus so successfully on a proposal that invites you to think, have knowledge and have fun.
Play Akinator with your whole family and discover characters, animals, objects or places that maybe you did not know. You can have fun individually as you start competing in search of positioning your name in the world ranking.
Akinator, a game to have fun in the most entertaining way.

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Elokence
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- Free download

- Daily challenges

- Original proposal

- Possibility to compete with other users
- Presence of advertisements

- Some challenges do not work well

- Questions are repeated

- It becomes repetitive
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