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Updated 14.08.2020

Angry Birds 2 is Rovio's new installment around the saga that earned him success and worldwide recognition. Defend your birds' eggs with strategy and skill in this colorful free download proposal for mobile phones. A game full of levels that you will never get tired of enjoying

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Desarrollador : Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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Today we have to talk about one of the most popular phenomena among games and applications, one of the first to spread between the success of the sale of mobile phones.
Angry Birds 2 is the sequel to the original hit of the same name, developed by Rovio Entertainment. It is free to download and is available for Android and iOS. It also has special editions for PlayStation 4. If you have seen movies or enjoyed any of the previous installments, you know that your enemy is the green piglets who like to bite the eggs of our birds. Your little birds are great masters of the slingshot and you will shoot with the giant slingshot in order to kill all the green pigs.

When playing Angry Birds 2 you must shoot the enemies or the structures in which they are located, trying to destroy them.
The heart of Rovio's success is built on classic slingshot action, something we're all familiar with, but updated with several great levels, significantly improved graphic effects, challenges, and boss battles.
One of the advantages of Angry Birds 2 is that this is the most attractive game so far in this series and the colored characters have been removed from the screen. The new background of the stages gives a sense of place and the depth of field is significantly improved. The outlandish facts of the story are woven into the flow of the title. This new version of Angry Birds has not been a simple renewal of the old ones but it presents a lot of new features.
In this second part you will be able to choose which bird you want to launch and each one has different characteristics. You can also support your attacks with spells that are very useful.

The arena can be unlocked after reaching level 5. The arena concept is similar to Angry Birds Friends. Players from all over the world are randomly divided into batches of 15 and characteristics are awarded to a particular bird according to each player's highest score. It is a level that changes its rules according to the event that takes place at that moment.

In Angry Birds you will have the opportunity to choose the bird that you like the most according to its abilities and the strategy you want to implement. Each level has more than one stage which makes them very challenging. As you clear missions, your animals will level up and become stronger, this is one of the most important Angry Birds tips and tricks that you should consider.

If you want to play Angry Birds 2 with friends, you can also do so with the sophisticated clan system. Rovio's game allows you to team up to defeat the evil green pigs. Measure who is the most skilled in this angry birds competition in the ranking system and show your skills around the world.
You will never get tired of playing this exciting title as there are daily updates, every week and month after month. With them you will receive challenges that will give you rewards and many coins to spend in the store. You can also get coins at the Mighty Eagle Training Camp to buy more fun items.

We can definitely announce that Angry Birds 2 is a good game. Rovio will likely never get the respect he deserves for his wonderful work. The app has some smart tweaks, like the ability to move forward with each shot instead of sitting and waiting for each little piece of wood to stop traveling, to continue playing. . move well, this is legitimately fun mobile game.
The company that brings us Angry Birds for free presents a proposal that will have us glued to our phones for hours and hours trying to protect our nests. The level design is getting better as we progress and fun is assured.
Play with friends or alone one of the most original proposals of recent years that managed to win the hearts of all with these friendly characters. Share with your friends the best choice of birds to defeat the evil green pigs. If you want to get more coins, you can always make purchases within the platform.


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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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- Very good graphics.

- New skills and bird classes.

- It can be downloaded for free.

- Nice characters.

-Many levels.

- Good gameplay and controls.
- It does not differ from the original proposal.

- It can be very difficult.

- In-app purchases.

- It may present problems after updates.

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Angry Birds

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