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If we had to put it in comparison with other Nintendo series, Animal Crossing is one of the least valued in the West. While the integration of Super smash bross has given it some light of attention and given the saga more notoriety, there is still some uncertainty among some users about what the base game is really about, this series is one of those that you only understand until you have experienced it on your own.

The Animal Crossing game is a life simulator and its greatest reference is the sims. Although in gender they share a lot, the reality is that both are very different.

In animal crossing you control your own Avatar (let's call him "Villager" as they put him in super smash bross) who lives in a town where there are only anthropomorphic animals and can perform a wide variety of activities such as fishing, capturing insects, planting different types of vegetation , shopping, etc. This may sound a bit boring for some but if you already know the magic that Nintendo puts in your franchises, you will understand that it can transform a very basic concept into something full of entertainment and adventure.

The game takes place in an open world where you can find squid children who throw paint, a pink ball that absorbs fruit or a plumber that steps on mushrooms, it is something that reading does not sound exactly right but, in practice it is a delight. The world of animal crossing has the precise size, each hectare of it is functional for the development of the town itself, although your house is unique, believe me you will want to spend a lot of your time decorating or caring for every corner of the village.

As I have mentioned your house will be the greatest expression of your villager, it is completely customizable, you can decorate it, buy furniture from it, create different types of rooms, perhaps a bathroom, a gym or a kitchen, everything will depend on the style you want to give it; The same here you will save your progress by taking a nap or leaving your items in a drawer or trunk.

Time is a very important factor since animal crossing is the quintessential event game, the title takes the internal clock of the console very seriously to know if you are playing it day or night as well as the season of the year so that all your world change accordingly. With snow in winter or with a shortage of trees in autumn, yes all according to the internal calendar of the console! If there is a commemorative date in the real world you will also see it reflected in the game itself, in this way you can celebrate Christmas, New Year, Valentine and many other festivities with the animals of your village or receive exclusive items for the season. This can sometimes drastically change the appearance of your town or even the behavior of your neighbors. This same time affects many other important factors of the game such as hunting or fishing, as some spring animals cannot be obtained in summer or some night fish can never be caught during the day, so the game will invite you to play it in various moments so that you always find something different to return to.

One of the tricks of Animal Crossing that some cheats do is to advance the date and time of the console to enjoy the different moments that the game offers but be careful because if they travel through time the game presents subtle punishments such as filling your house with roaches because you haven't cleaned it in so long or the migration of one of your neighbors because they no longer find an attractive reason to live in a desolate town.

Everything in the game tries to simulate real life in a tenuous way, so if you want money to buy new clothes you will have to work, do a neighbor a favor or sell some insects or fish that you have caught. Some of the most common places in the town and where we will meet the most memorable animals in the series are the city hall where Canela is, the café where dota queque will give concerts or the main store that has a manager that varies with each new delivery.

Downloading Animal Crossing will offer you one of the most original and beautiful experiences in the world of video games.

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Animal Crossing

Get last review 08.03.2021
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-Present new content on a daily basis.

- The audiovisual aspect is of high quality.

- The game environment offers many possibilities.

- Good gameplay.
- The deal with other players has some limits. Its multiplayer mode is not so good.

- Inventory management can be somewhat confusing.

- It is not a fast game.

- It is not a competitive proposal.

Latest NEWS

Donate your rotten turnips at Animal Crossing and help a good cause

Donate your rotten turnips at Animal Crossing and help a good cause


Hellmann's mayonnaise company already has its own island in the Animal Crossing world and to celebrate it has created an event in which players can donate their rotten turnips and thus help those most in need in Canada. For each virtual food, they will donate a real meal, and to do so you just have to visit their island

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