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Civilization VI is the latest installment in the influential and pivotal turn-based strategy game series created by Myer in 1991. With the slogan "just one more turn" this franchise has placed itself with the king of strategy for incredible depth and richness of its game system full of meaningful choices that can have you playing for hours on end without a break. One of the best options among the games and applications available on the market.

This installment has been built directly on the frame leaving Civilization V, a title that from a somewhat incomplete initial version was rising through different expansions to become the king of its genre and one of the most played titles on the PC regardless of the moment. A game that stands the test of time, it is not easy to surpass that success and live up to an impressive legacy, but fortunately this new version was created directly to solve the problems of its predecessor, enrich the gaming experience and offer a higher grade. of customization, freedom and challenge, both against the machine and in online games, welcome to a franchise that not only talks about history but has made history itself.

Civilization VI starts from the classic framework of the series based on 4 principles: explore the map, exploit its resources, expand your empire and exterminate your enemies. Each player will have to take advantage of the resources around them to found the best cities with greater food, production, science, culture, faith and happiness to achieve one of the 4 types of military, scientific, cultural or religious victory. To these essential mechanics is added a series of adjustments that improve and make the game system more versatile in this installment. First, the districts have been introduced, that is, boxes dedicated to activities such as science, culture, religion or army with improvements. unique that can even be important to achieve victory. To give an example, a swordsman costs two iron units but if you have a barracks it costs only one. If your city cannot continue growing because people are not happy, build an entertainment district, do you want to win for science? You need a space research district to launch your rockets, culture? make an amphitheater (these districts can't be undone) and focus on initial planning because it's crucial.

On the other hand, a culture-based tree of principles has been added to the science-based technology tree, giving you access to unique bonuses through government systems, therefore, it is no longer necessary to focus solely on science to win and the players who wishing to obtain different types of victory they have more options to reach their goal.

Lastly, the machine's artificial intelligence has been improved, since in addition to having better combat patterns, the competitors have agendas, that is, open or hidden policies that modify their preferences, giving rise to a more complex game in which each game is unpredictable. In short, this game is intended for veterans who believed they had mastered the franchise by offering more challenge but also giving you more possibilities and freedom to create the kind of freedom you want.

Some criticisms of this version of Civilization can be made but with nuances. For example there are few leaders compared to the previous version, 21 vs 43, however the game is less focused on the intrinsic characteristics of each culture and more on the personalization that each player gives to his civilization with which all kinds of victory are possible for almost any leader.

As for the appearance and sound, they have decided to use graphics with a somewhat caricature style, with leaders that seem to be taken from a Pixar movie. On the other hand, Goodbye to the flat textures of the previous game has been said and each square has been molded in detail, so each wonder, building or rocket you build is a small detailed model. The result is graphically wonderful and also the game presents excellent performance by being well optimized.

On the other hand, the music of the game is incredible thanks to the composer of the Cristopher Tin saga who has given us treasures with the classic Baba Yetu and now returns with "The Dream of Flying" an absolutely great opera-style theme.

Downloading Civilization will give you hours upon hours of gripping combat.

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Get last review 08.03.2021
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- Good handling of controls for consoles.

- Each civilization has its sound effect which creates a good atmosphere.

- Maintains the quality of previous deliveries.

- Good graphics proposal.
- Lack of balance in some internal mechanics.

- Does not include any expansion.

- It does not present new content compared to its previous delivery.

- Artificial intelligence has some flaws.

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Civilization arrives to conquer Android

Civilization arrives to conquer Android


Civilization VI is one of the most played series of all time, with more than 5 million downloads worldwide. Being originally for PC, it was first adapted to iOS devices, now reaching Android. It is a free demo in which you will enjoy 60 free shifts and in which you will have all its functions available

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