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Updated 14.08.2020

Counter Strike is a video game that shortens CS. It is a multiplayer game in which you can play from 2 to 32 people at the same time. You play on two teams and their purpose is to kill the enemy and complete certain tasks. You can choose to just be a spectator and watch the games and follow the games, but you can't play

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Counter Strike

What is counterattack?

Counter Strike is a video game that shortens CS. It was originally developed as a modification of another computer game called Half-Life. Later, the game was made independent by Valve Corporation with Sierra On-Line as its publisher. In the game you play as the first player in a network of physical opponents, it is a multiplayer game, 2–32.

Counter Strike has since 1999 when the game was very popular, in 2010. That year, the game had more than 9 million copies. Counter Strike was one of the most important games and was played professionally until 2013 in e-sports. More games have evolved over time like Counter-Strike: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2012). Counter-Strike: Source (2004) and Condition Zero (2004).


Play the slider in first person, which means the player's screen corresponds to the game's character field. The purpose is to eliminate the other players. The game is a multiplayer game, which means that many people will play at the same time. The game has no story or meaning really. In one game, 32 players can play at the same time. In one game, 32 players can play at the same time. There are two teams from which you can choose and fight each other in a terrorist act stimulator. You can even choose to be a spectator in a game, which means you can watch and follow the game but not be active.

A round ends when a team wins. To win a round, the team must complete its mission or eliminate the opposing team. The assignments vary depending on the type of track being played. There are only three official paths, Bomb Defuse, Hostage Rescue, and Assassination. To eliminate opponents, use weapons of various types.

By Downloading Counter Strike the game starts with all the players located on the playing field and then you can move and interact with the surroundings, as well as opponents and playmates. At first, all players receive a knife and a pistol and a small amount of money, which you can then purchase more powerful weapons. Killing enemies, completing quests, or winning rounds are all ways to earn more money, and due to the game there is no action, no real ending either.


After so many years, this game will not go away because it can be so much fun to play. If you're new to this iconic status game on the shooting range, you can start to see how other players do it. Everyone can go and join the server where other people play. When you and your friends want to play, you can choose the server to join or someone has to create a dedicated server.

Sometimes this game can be a lot of fun when something strange happens, like when you throw a grenade and someone hits with a bullet; this is strange but it is possible. Old gamers know in the days when they used to go to computer cafes to play games like this, like Counter-Strike. And the occasion was not the lack of a desktop computer, but all the fun. It is not uncommon for a cafeteria to be just a tournament and things like that. When you learn to play correctly, things get more serious. Things like headshots are also a kind of sign of professionalism.

But the fact is that you can improve when you practice more and the key is to know your strength. You have to try both terrorist faction teams or anti-terror team. Another very important thing is to know the maps well. Mirage is a map that looks like a giant maze and has entrances for almost every section, causing teams to loop and rotate around the map structure. Mirage is also a good map for shooting long passages that have good views for your offerings to help from a distance that has too many obstacles on the way.

Nuke can be a tricky demon on a map. Despite primarily keeping hide points, when you move between these points that put you at greater risk, you will never know who might be watching from a window or if an enemy player might be within close range. Dust 2 is simple in design, but very fun to play, it is also easy to learn and very difficult to master.

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Valve
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- Fun title to play with your friends.

- Competitive.

- Free download.
- It has few game modes.

- Without friends it can be boring

- Some games can get very complex

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Counter Strike

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