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One of the most eagerly awaited proposals for PlayStation 4. Days Gone is the delivery of the renowned SIE Bend Studio, responsible for Syphon Filter one of the most acclaimed titles in the history of video games. Sony is betting on a zombie game and open world, an idea that is always well received in the world of games and applications.

Playing Days Gone means going deep into a story that covers the facts in Deacon St. John's life. The character is a motorcycle fanatic who loses his wife Sarah in a land that was devastated by a virus that destroyed humanity and filled the city with dangerous zombies. Along the way, you will encounter a varied repertoire of secondary characters that will bring us all kinds of missions, both from the main story and from the optional ones. The game that was released in April 2019 has no less than 40 approximate hours of duration, in addition to a huge sandbox-like environment with which we can interact to survive. As it usually happens with the great Sony releases, the story and the character of the characters are the most and best worked elements. Although in Days Gone it can be somewhat long for certain players.

Downloading Days Gone on our consoles is one of the great options for those motorcycle fans. Why? Because Deacon St. John will ride it most of the time and is one of the central axes of the game. It is even one of the most and best developed elements, both in its mechanics and in the possible improvements that the user can make as the story progresses.

It will be necessary to watch that it does not run out of fuel or it breaks down. For this we must look for spare parts and gasoline on our way. The improvements that we can apply to the vehicle are in relation to speed and resistance as well as changes in the aesthetic aspect such as altering the paint or adding decorations. The bike also works as a quick save point and we will have on it a large number of challenges such as chases, animal attacks or shots of other characters who are in our same survival situation.

In terms of weaponry and combat tactics, the title of SIE Bend Studio offers a solid and well-functioning proposal. At Days Gone we have an acceptable variety of shooting weapons and objects to fight melee. There are stealth movements, we can mark enemies and you will have to collect objects throughout the game to be able to produce ammunition, explosives and elements to heal health. The different skills will be unlocked as the player progresses and we can do more movements and tactics to defeat the zombies.

One of the Days Gone perks, and most expected by fans after the game's pre-launch announcements, were the zombie hordes. The presence of this enormous group of enemies was a novel proposal and one that attracted the attention of those followers of the genre. Finally we have been able to face them and it is very fun to do it. The objective will be to get rid of them by using elements that are around us or designing strategies with the weapons and resources that we have available. The zombie hordes is one of the most original elements of the game.

Another change that the exclusive delivery of Sony presents is the way in which missions are organized. Unlike other titles in its open world genre, we will be able to access a menu that will present stories and plots with a percentage that marks how much we have completed from that arc.

When it comes to graphics and sound it is the strongest point of Days Gone. All the benefits of the console are used and made the most of giving a unique experience in the immersion of this map full of zombies and threats. The seasons, the weather and the time of day change throughout the game and this is more than correctly reflected on the map.

Days Gone is a must-see for gamers who like the open world and zombies.

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Days Gone

Get last review 21.09.2021
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- Good mechanics to explore and survive.

- The size of the map offers great possibilities.

- Soundtrack and effects.

- Featured graphic section.

- The design of the zombie hordes.

- The handling of the motorcycle.
- The missions become repetitive.

- The character is not well developed.

- There are no good supporting characters.

- AI is not that good at dealing with it.

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One year of Days Gone


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