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Updated 14.08.2020

Game of Sultans is a free download app that will take us into the wonderful world of the Ottoman Empire. We will be able to manage all aspects of our kingdom. We will have to fight battles and make sure that our lineage continues. The game has a great graphic and sound section

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Desarrollador : Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd.
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Among the variety of games and applications available, the vast majority of the proposals are themes that we have seen repeated many times. Proposals are often around arguments around warfare, zombies, or some ancient Western civilization. But there is an alternative to this majority view and it is Game of Sultans, the game developed by Mechanist Internet Technologies.
Game of Sultans can be downloaded for free and delve into the exciting historical universe of the Ottoman Empire. One of the most powerful civilizations in history during the XIV and XVII centuries. The Mechanist Internet Technologies game develops a whole graphic and visual section around this culture that was very rich in all aspects.

Playing Game of Sultans will open all kinds of doors and options offered by the games known as RPG simulation. In other words, role alternatives where we will advance in the management, development and expansion of our territory. In this case under the characteristics of the Ottoman Empire.

The game begins with the death of our father and from him it will be that we inherit the throne of the reign. From then on, the player will have the task of developing all kinds of maneuvers to keep the empire on its feet. For example, you must organize your inheritance by conquering women, having children, and then arranging marriages that are beneficial to the city. It is possible to have up to more than one hundred children. The war front will also have to be covered and we will have the mission of defending ourselves and sending troops to calm revolutions and look for new lands. Recall that the enemy of the Ottoman Empire was the Byzantine Empire. In addition, the prophecies will be part of our history when consulting the fortune teller who will give us rewards every time we visit to see her.
The app proposes that you fulfill the dream, and what will be an arduous task, of being King of one of the empires with the greatest weight in history. Managing the kingdom will not be easy. We will have to pay attention to every aspect, the political side, the numbers of economic management, the family environment, the social element and each one of the issues that make a good ruler. You will feel what it is to have an entire empire under your command.

In Game of Sultans you will live passionate love stories with beautiful queens and you will have the mission of adding to your ranks the most experienced soldiers to fight wars in search of victory. Battles can be played against the computer or against other users who are also part of the popular app. In turn, the server admits that you join your friends or acquaintances to form alliances that facilitate your reign. There are a variety of servers where you can develop your city so you can choose which one to be in and they are not limited by zones or regions. It also allows managing different cities on more than one server.

When you start the game keep in mind the name that you will use because that will be the one that everyone in the story remembers, if you want to change it you will have to spend precious coins and it can only be done once. Once you have offspring you will also have the opportunity to call them whatever you want to the future heirs to the throne.
In another of the Game of Sultans game modes, you can visit the city to meet people. Here is the best opportunity to meet who your future wives will be.

The graphics of Game of Sultans is one of the most important aspects of the title that was born in 2018. The drawings and movements are assimilated to the aesthetics of a comic and the battle sequences are similar to those of the classic Age of Empires, they are undoubtedly some great achievement from developers. The advanced quality of this aspect makes the game require a powerful mobile to play it.

The most important resources in the game are wheat and energy orbs. In order to get wheat faster, it is advisable to focus on the political attributes of our departure and to manage this energy resource well. Energy Orbs are earned by completing missions, challenges, and events.
Game of Sultans is one of the proposals that is little talked about but has a large number of hours of entertainment to offer.

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd.
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- It is addictive.

- Original proposal.

- Good graphics.

- Music is very engaging.
- The mechanics are repeated.

- Problems in translations.

- Confusing interface.

- High technical requirements.

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