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 Manage to survive together with other survivors in this post-apocalyptic Moscow 
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Metro Exodus is a third game in the Metro series, a survival horror-type first person shooter game. Beginning two years after the events of Metro Last Light, the largely self-contained story follows the plot of main protagonist Artyom, his wife Anna, and the crew of surviving Spartan rangers as they left nuclear war-torn Moscow in search of safe harbor aboard the Aurora train. As soon as you start, they give you a summary of the previous titles to put you in a situation.

There are only 50,000 survivors in the world, or so it is believed, and our protagonist continues to think that this is impossible and there is a world beyond the tunnels of Moscow. This is where it all starts, once you get out with your whole group it is time to find the rest of the survivors.

The video game takes you from snow-covered expanses of urban decay to sand-swept deserts and lush forests, each village occupied by a healthy array of deadly mutants and pockets of humanity, both friendly and hostile. Metro Exodus is like a great story of campfires and fears at the same time and the balance is perfect. It gives you a couple of mini-worlds throughout the game, four for you to enjoy carefully, and thankfully the game keeps the focus on them as it is still much more of a story-based linear game.

The audiovisual experience is legitimate here, the game looks quite dark, it looks great in the light and especially in the dark. Buildings and interiors are designed in such a way that they often feel remarkably natural, there is enough variety in objects and décor that you are constantly discovering something new. The generational leap in high-quality ambient audio and lighting effects makes locations feel more sinister and claustrophobic than ever.

Metro Exodus eliminates the basic money system for ammunition and the purchase of weapons of its predecessors and prefer workbenches and a backpack that can be used to craft certain items on the go. Each type of mutant requires a unique strategy to defeat, which means that the combat strategy rarely gets involved in repetition and its gameplay becomes very interesting, leading the player to create new ways to survive.

In your equipment you will find the mythical gas mask, an essential in areas where radiation is high, although in many places you will no longer need it as the polluted and unbreathable air is not so constant. You will have to be very attentive to Artyom's breathing to know when you have to use it and above all not to wear it in fights with enemies, as they can break it and annoy you the rest of the game.

Among the weapons and artifacts that we can use are a high-powered assault rifle, Kalash, which you can customize as you need. This is one of the advantages of this game, you have a lot of possibilities at your disposal to adapt to what each of its areas requires and succeed. Apart from this, you will have a large armory with which you can easily kill your rivals.

Mutants may require a different weapon or tactic to go down as not all mortals fall for a few villains, for example spiders hidden in tunnels can be killed by your torch or flashlight. Save ammo and think more tactically, that will bring you many benefits in the game.

The creatures that we will find will be mostly mutants, who usually hunt in small groups, if you find one alone, the most likely thing is that they will howl to call the rest of their pack. But you will not only meet them, they are also lurking in the shadows demons, the most difficult to kill, marauders, humans and terrifying animals of all kinds, even prawns!

This game takes the series' fear-inducing formula and pushes it to expansive levels, without losing any of the oppressive tension that makes the franchise memorable and distinctive among post-apocalyptic first-person shooter games and apps.

It's an often exhilarating and thickly atmospheric journey through a Russian dystopia packed with detail and deadly inhabitants. And Metro Exodus is well worth the trip for its consistently effective use of survival horror and spooky action.

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Metro Exodus

Get last review 23.05.2022
- Very nice story

- Graphically pleasant environment

- very real story and atmosphere

- You can explore the outside world
- The story can fall short

- Armor upgrades are rare

- small errors can still be found

- Little innovation with the previous titles

Latest NEWS

Metro Exodus will have RayTracing on PlayStation 5

Metro Exodus will have RayTracing on PlayStation 5


Metro Exodus Executive Producer Jon Bloch has reported in an interview given for the English version of Official PlayStation Magazine that the guys on the development team are excited that they will finally be able to use RayTracing technology in their game for the new PS5 console. He has ensured that the entire project is being adapted to this new technique

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