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If it is Capcom we know that, surely, we are facing a good game. The Japanese company created in the late 1970s is responsible for the most outstanding titles in the video game universe. Its catalog has jewels of the stature of Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Street Fighter and, the saga that brings us to today's analysis, Monster Hunter World.
The wonderful world of monsters and creatures in great danger comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a delivery as expected and successful. The launch was very well received, and while the new Monster Hunter World isn't much of a departure from the concept of the series, it does bring one of the best products of this generation's games. With a great graphic section, a very well adapted gameplay and an enormous amount of hours of fun ahead, Capcom does it again just as it has accustomed us.

Playing Monster Hunter World will take us back to the game mechanics that the firm launched in 2005 for PlayStation 2. Each of the releases improved until reaching the one made in 2018, in which the developers manage to present every detail of the game, movements, challenges and hunting creatures with a high degree of excellence.

The idea of ​​the Capcom title is to explore different regions in order to find huge creatures that we must hunt. As we advance our skills and weapons will improve. In fact, in this installment one of the highest points is the amount of content that we have available to discover. It is estimated that if the player follows the idea of ​​the main missions it will be 40 hours of adventure, but if he wants to obtain all the elements that are scattered throughout the game, the time to obtain them is approximately 100 hours. The plot of the launch is simple but it is worked solidly, with small video scenes that guide us in the adventure.
We also have a number of missions and side tasks available. These challenges will help us improve different aspects of our character, whether cosmetic or skill. Although they can become somewhat repetitive, they will be of great help to progress in the game.

One of the advantages of Monser Hunter World, and without a doubt one of its best worked aspects is the gameplay. The characters respond in an agile, simple and fluid way to the controls. This is not something minor if we consider that there will be arduous battles against final monsters that can be very complex.

The artificial intelligence of the extraordinary creatures is captured in a very correct way and it will not be an easy task to finish them off. Each one has special characteristics that the player will have the mission to discover to defeat them. Monster Hunter World is friendly to both players with experience in the genre and newcomers. There are challenges for each of them depending on how they want to pass the game. For example, to find the beasts we will have available a kind of green fireflies that will guide us on our way.

If we want to download Monster Hunter World to have a multiplayer experience we will also have the possibility to do so. The Capcom release supports two types of collaborative experience with other users. You can play up to 4 people all the missions that the delivery has or you can even face creatures of two in the Arena Missions. The servers are very good and the connections are made with hunters from anywhere in the world.
Graphics and sounds are also part of the highlight of the game. The setting of each stage transports us to a wild world that invites us to be discovered, while each soundtrack brings to the battles an epic tint full of adrenaline. The monster designs are exceptional and take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft and Sony consoles.

We are facing a game suitable for players of all kinds. It is a great experience to buy Monster Hunter World and go into the unknown territories full of dangerous beasts. With outstanding gameplay and a simple but fulfilling story, Capcom shows why today it is one of the best studios even after more than thirty years of existence.

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Monster Hunter World

Get last review 24.01.2022
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- Good gameplay.

- Excellent soundtrack.

- Incredible monsters.

- Great amount of elements to discover.
- Side missions are repeated in its mechanics.

- The main story is not very powerful.

- It does not present major changes with respect to its original idea.

- There may be some flaws in the graphic definition of the maps.

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Samba Festival, the new Monster Hunter World event


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