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Updated 14.08.2020

With Piano Tiles you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best and most relaxing melodies on your mobile phone. Play one of the most popular apps on the market with a friendly, easy and dynamic proposal. The game will take us through different levels that have our favorite songs

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Desarrollador : Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited
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Music makes our soul happy. It is a fact. We are all very clear that melodies and harmonies can make a gray day better. Having the possibility of enjoying this pleasure among the games and applications for our mobiles is an advantage that we cannot miss. Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited Studios developed a platform that allows us to easily play our favorite songs. We refer to Piano Tiles. Although it became popular with its original version, the alternative released as Piano Tiles 2 brings a wide variety of improvements to this free game for Android and iOS.

Downloading Piano Tiles will allow us endless possibilities to relax and listen to our favorite songs. The game has over two hundred classical, modern and unpublished piano melodies that will make us discover unique pieces. To make them sound we just have to dedicate our efforts to pressing on the squares that appear in different colors. Sometimes all you have to do is tap once, while other times the user must keep their finger on the indicated box. The colors to press appear coordinated with the melody that plays in the background.

As mentioned above, installing Piano Tiles is free and offers integrated purchases within the platform. Items that can be purchased start at € 0.49 and go up to € 10.99 in its highest value version. Upgrades for sale are Diamonds, allowing us to buy new tunes, special packs, a premium version of the game, or boxes to resurrect and have a chance to play the song again. Another possibility that we will have will be to pay to remove the notices that can sometimes be somewhat annoying and repetitive.

Piano Tiles presents a non-complex graphic section with an interface designed to make the experience dynamic, agile and comfortable. Each level will increase speed as our performance improves, which continually increases the challenge of the app. If you are very good and want to compete against other fans of music and virtual instruments you will have the possibility to measure your ability with other friends and users from all over the world. The audio of the songs is very well developed and you will not notice the difference with the pieces of your favorite artists that you play at home.

The game created by Amr Hoballah is constantly updated so that you never run out of material to demonstrate your skills as a musician. Piano Tiles allows us to connect with our Facebook accounts which allows us to add friends to the experience and share all our performance.

Piano Tiles game modes are Classic Mode, Arcade Mode, Zen Mode, Rush Mode, Relay Mode and Arcade Mode plus Bomb, Lightning, Bilayer, Double and Undetermined sub-modes. This wide variety of possibilities to enjoy the experience shows that we will have hours and hours of fun and guaranteed melodies. You can even continue enjoying the proposal offline with its offline mode.

The instruments that we can practice are not always the same. In Piano Tiles we find more than five different types. You can play piano, harmonica, guitar or harp among others.

The application can be installed in a large number of languages ​​including: Spanish, German, Chinese, French, English, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

In April 2014 Piano Tiles was the most downloaded app on mobiles, a fact that makes it clear that we are facing one of the best options for downloading on mobiles when thinking of free, entertaining and quality proposals.

Taking music everywhere is one of the great advantages of these times thanks to mobile technology. Being able to play dedicated music applications on our terminals is even better. With Piano Tiles we are faced with a light, easy and simple proposal. The app promises hours and hours of entertainment and relaxation as we practice our favorite themes. The possibility of installing it free of charge makes it more than accessible even if we have to spend a few minutes looking at notices. In any case, if we wish, we can make an expense so that the musical experience on our phone is even better.

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited
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- Simple proposal

- A constantly updated song list

- Weekly and daily challenges

- Free download
- Large number of ads

- Problems in the synchronization of users

- In-app purchases

- It becomes repetitive

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Piano Tiles

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